What happens when your roommate doesn’t share the rent, uses your stuff without asking and never bothers to clean the apartment?

I moved to Pune three years ago. I rented an apartment and soon found an amazing roommate — Sakshi. We both stayed together for a year but then Sakshi decided that she wanted to share her room to ease the rent. So we went to a group on Facebook called Flatmates and put up an advertisement.

Soon after we put up the ad, we received tonnes of requests from girls who loved our apartment. We met many girls but finally decided on  Jaya who seemed decent and literally begged us to keep her. She took a tour of the entire apartment and inquired about our pet kittens. She had no problem with our pets so we decided to be flatmates.  

She moved in and was very polite and nice initially. Everything went smooth for about a week, after which, she started showing her true colours. She was the messiest person I had ever met in my life. She was clumsy, unorganised and unhygienic. She never helped Sakshi or me clean the apartment. She used it like a hotel. We adjusted as she would say,
“Don’t worry, I’ll clean it the next time.” And we believed her.

Then she started wearing my accessories without even asking me. Whenever I questioned her, she would say, “I went on a date so borrowed.”

She also did not pay the rent for four months because she was in between jobs. Goes without saying she also used our shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and ate our food. After January this year, she stopped buying basic household things when they were needed. She used to always say that she would pay us when she would get a new job. She took clothing items “accidentally” and borrowed expensive clothes.

She would stay at home the entire day and invite random guy friends. They would drink all night and play loud music which made it difficult for us to sleep. If we confronted her, she would cry and ask for forgiveness.

One night, her guy friend came home and started misbehaving with Sakshi. Jaya just stood there and said nothing. After which Sakshi came and told me about it. That was it. I shouted at the guy and chucked him out of the apartment. All that frustration that had been inside me came out when Jaya took the guy’s side. After a lot of arguing, I asked her to pay her dues and leave.

Her reaction was utterly ridiculous. She started behaving like a maniac and called me and Sakshi names. She said she wouldn’t pay a dime and said that my cats made her uncomfortable yet she adjusted with them. It was the worst reason ever. She said the cats smelled and that’s why she was leaving us. We were shocked and speechless at her behaviour. She then packed her bags angrily and moved out the same night.

I and Sakshi heaved a sigh of relief. We came to know that she had previously done the same thing with another roommate.  

Now when I look back, I thank god that she left. She still hasn’t paid us the dues. Sakshi and I are roommates and looking out for another. We are  keeping our fingers crossed so that we find a better person this time.

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