Happy feet

Happy feet

Technology is everywhere, and it certainly makes our lives easy. Toesmith, started by two IIT Delhi graduates — Ashish Prakash and Aayush Jindal — is claimed to be India’s first tech-driven footwear brand that offers customisation of shoes at an affordable price. They have developed an innovative 3D interactive design tool that lets people customise more than five different parts of footwear. 

Sneakers has been an enduring fashion trend. New sneakers are dropping all the time and if you want to stand out from the casual crowd, you need a pair that packs a punch. Toesmith has launched sneakers such as POP DOTS, POP ART & Neon Leaves that are innovative, due to their offbeat shades, colour and comfort.

The founders are turning Toesmith into a platform that will connect passionate shoe designers with the buyers. Toesmith motivates designers to add more unique and innovative designs by giving commission on every sale of their design, creating a pool of unlimited designs on the platform. Currently, they are working with a handful of designers but they will soon make it a platform connecting both the parties.

Indians like customisation, especially when it comes to gifting and creating something that is very personal. “It initially started with keychains, mugs, frames and a few other things, but customisation in apparel is a huge hit among both young and old,” says Prakash. 

But the founder realised that in shoes, there is limited customisation and it is an expensive affair. “When it came to customising shoes, people would paint it with fabric paints which is not permanent,” says Prakash. 

He points out that Nike and Vans have been customising shoes for quite some time now, but it is not affordable by many. “Customisation should be easy and fun. That is exactly what Toesmith does. It is user-friendly and you can browse through the website easily,” he says.

You can just go through Toesmith’s top selling designs, pick up a plain white sneaker, bring out the hidden artist in you and jazz up your shoe collection. 

Since one wears shoes for a longer period of time, it is important to choose a pair that not only fits you properly but is also comfortable. Toesmith shoes have been designed keeping comfort in mind. The co-founder informs that the shoes come with lightweight EVA injection sole, memory foam insole to give you the comfortable cushion effect for your feet, and constructed collar that provides extra support for the ankle.
The shoes come with a flexible cementing technology for maximum comfort and are made of best quality fabric for rough and tough use.

Coping up with challenges
As people can customise their own pair of shoes, there are chances that they will go a little crazy with their imagination and download copyrighted images and logos off the internet to use on the website. “We have a designated team which goes through all the customised designs that have come in. If any copyrighted images are found, the customer is notified and asked to change it,” says Prakash. Customisation should be a fun thing to do without getting into trouble, he adds. 

It has just been a few months since they started but the feedback has been encouraging. Of course, the duo have had their share of challenges too. “Our manufacturing process is completely different from that of others. Keeping the inventory came with a few challenges,” says Prakash. 

Also, currently, they deliver in eight days but they are working towards speeding the process, he adds. 

“The problem most footwear companies face is that of designing, keeping in mind their inventory. But as we work on order basis, we can keep as many designs as we want. The idea is to open the platform for different designers, giving commission on every sale of their design, creating a pool of unlimited designs,” Prakash says. 

How does it work?
Step One

Select the shoe

Step Two
Select the part you want
Heel Counter
Collar Lining

Step Three
Choose Swatches
You can choose from 

Step Four
Select size and quantity

Step Five
Add to cart

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