Shaping Business Leaders

Shaping Business Leaders

The number of women entrepreneurs is increasing, which makes the Indian startup scenario even better. When one talks of startups or business ventures, it is ideal to have a business coach who can guide entrepreneurs in getting a clear vision for their goals. 

Under her venture Zest Transformation, Pune-based business coach Tejaswini Pisal, so far, has helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs to grow their business. After having a corporate experience of over a decade, Pisal decided to be an entrepreneur. She says, “I have been a business coach for five years now. I personally believe that if people perform well in their business they will be able to contribute to society as well by creating employment opportunities. So it is important for entrepreneurs to look at their businesses as profitable.” 

Pisal is on a mission of reaching 5,000 entrepreneurs by 2020.

Striking a balance 
Making a switch from a corporate job to an entrepreneurial venture is a daunting task. Furthermore for women, striking a balance between personal and professional life is a major challenge. “As women, we go through a phase where family is as important as our career. I took time off during my second maternity to look after my family. I quit my job when I was at the peak of my career. Later, it made me think about doing something for women who go through a similar phase.  I wanted to tell them that both can be easily handled. Even today, I work based on the schedules of my kids,” says Pisal, who is an International Coach Federation certified coach.
Besides, women entrepreneurs, Pisal trains male entrepreneurs, chartered accountants, architects and other business professionals.   

Initial challenges
Initially, due to little awareness of business coaching, it was difficult for Pisal to make people understand how her service would be beneficial for their ventures. Also, finding a strong foothold in a male dominated career  was tough. However, soon everything fell into place. “I am a result oriented person. For me, if my client is winning, then I am winning,” says the management graduate, who has two awards to her credit — Lioness Business Builder Award by National Conference for Women Leadership in 2018 and National Leadership Award by Mahila Prathisthan Sansthan in 2019. 

Research for programmes 
Under Zest Transformation, she conducts three programmes — Be Energised Be Inspired, Double the Value of your Business in 90 days and EmpowHER. Coming up with a diverse set of programmes requires research. “It took me almost a year to do a thorough research, prepare a plan and strategy and finally go ahead. I realised that a lot of small business owners are running their ventures like a burnt out employee  and that’s when I designed the programme Be Energised Be Inspired. I personally feel energies play a critical role in inspiring yourself and the people around you.  This programme focuses on building the entrepreneurial mindset and helps in recognising this invaluable source of energy within.” 

Double the Value of your Business in 90 days started three years ago on a trial basis when Pisal got associated with a women entrepreneurs’ forum.

EmpowHER is a specially curated programme for women entrepreneurs so that they can learn how to manage work-life balance, commitments and pressures. “EmpowHER programme is designed to address specific challenges women entrepreneurs face today and help them achieve more. The programme is for women on various stages of their business but are struggling to maintain a balance between growth and life,” informs Pisal.  
For a bigger audience
Soon, Pisal will be releasing her book Be Energised Be Inspired. “The book provides all the tools one would need to discover their true potential to take their business to the next level. The growth of any business usually rests upon the entrepreneur and no matter how great the marketing, branding or sales management are, without a leader who can lead with energy, confidence and clarity, the business will fizzle out in no time. This book focuses on building the entrepreneurial mindset that will help them create a change within their lives and around,” she says.  

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