World Water Day: Groundwater crisis remains one of India’s biggest challenge

World Water Day is annually observed by United Nations (UN) to highlight the importance of freshwater and advocate the sustainable management of its resources. This March 22, we will be observing the 27th World Water Day.

Campaign statements for #WorldWaterDay2020 are:
•    We cannot afford to wait
•    Water can help fight climate change
•    Everyone has a role to play

Globally, one in every four major cities is water-stressed. The water crisis is linked to climate change. Government of India’s think tank, NITI Aayog predicted in a 2018 report that21 Indian cities are expected to run out of groundwater supply by the end of 2020. These cities will be the first to face severe conditions of water scarcity.

India extracts the highest volumes of groundwater in the world. A fourth of the groundwater extracted by India is more than the extracted China and the United States combined.  
With the rise in population and the boom of urbanisation, the depleted levels of groundwater in India pose a threat to our existence as 80 per cent of it is used for urban and rural water supplies. A sizeable 60 per cent of the water is used for irrigation, which supports the most important sector for survival – agriculture.

The numbers presented here shows how immediate action is required to improve the condition of groundwater resources. Under Prime Minister NarendraModi, India has launched the AtalJalYojana to improve groundwater levels in more than 8,300 villages, 78 districts, and seven states. 

This World Water Day, Say No to Water Wastage!

(Data compiled by Shreya Katkar)

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