App of the week: Momspresso

Launched in 2010, the founders launched the app after carefully considering their wives' woes.
App of the week: Momspresso
It was the need to create a safe environment for mothers which was what gave birth to the idea of Momspresso.Google Play Store

For most of us, the internet, more often than not, is a place to tread mindfully. Despite the two-step authentication methods and numerous password changes, there's always a fear of danger lurking around on the web. While you can't rule that out completely, there are always alternatives to keep your community together on several social media platforms. 

Momspresso, a multi-lingual platform dedicated to both expectant as well as new mothers, seemed niche at first -- but we were surprised to see a strong online community which is otherwise missing on the internet. 

Bringing back the traditional touch 

Launched in 2010, the founders launched the app after carefully considering their wives' woes. The idea dawned upon Vishal Gupta, Prashant Sinha, and Asif Mohamed after realising how the idea of passing on the knowledge from generation to generation is almost non-existent in nuclear families. It was the need to create a safe environment for mothers which was what gave birth to the idea of Momspresso. With a whopping community of 30,000 content creators and 103 million users every month, the idea of having a 'safe-space' for mothers is now catching on, more than ever. 

An all-inclusive community 

Logging into Momspresso was easier than we imagined it to be. It did not prompt us for a 'unique' username, did not ask us for our age, or occupation and other unnecessary details. Your login is fuss-free and effortless, as long as you have a functional Gmail account. 

You get the editor's picks on your home screen, followed by the 'trending' and 'following' tab. The interface reminds us a little of Instagram, but the approach remained very blog-like -- not that we're complaining! 

The 'create' button at the bottom allows you to create articles, a 100-word story as well as videos. However, keeping up with the trend, the short video section is what drives the content on Momspresso. Tapping on it will take you to an array of videos curated by 'mothers', including recipes, step-by-step DIYs and even dance choreography, amongst others, which was endearing indeed. In fact, speaking of endearing, there is an entire tab dedicated to 'Aww moments' and 'My Child's talent' which we thought was a lovely addition.

The safe-haven 

Amidst other features, Momspresso takes the cake with its online support groups section. Perhaps the most significant addition to the app! The 'support groups' discuss everything, beginning from dealing with in-laws, work-life balance, intimacy issues... you name it. On joining one of these groups, a user can post their query, comment on other posts and vote for polls. The feeling of inclusivity is strong with this one! In a time and age where we're being reminded of the importance of mental health every passing day, Momspresso makes sure users find themselves a platform to vent without judgement.

The verdict

More so after the COVID-19 lockdown, social media apps are being saturated in their own capacity. With numerous other platforms cropping up now and then, Momspresso provides a refreshing take and builds a wholesome community for its users. What we enjoyed the most about the app was that you don't have to be an expecting mother, or a mother in general, to be a part of Momspresso's community. Without having to worry about the internet trolls and 'creepy' predators in your inbox, this community is only for women, and we're all for it! 

Play Store rating: 4.5/5

App Store rating: 4.2/5

ST rating: 4.8/5

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