Coronavirus Maharashtra: Fear of unemployment, security paramount among callers, say psychologists

Coronavirus Maharashtra: Fear of unemployment, security paramount among callers, say psychologists

Pune: 'Will I lose my job? How will I take care of my family? My routine has been disturbed; help me!'

These are among the many questions that psychologists from across Maharashtra are getting bombarded with, as the fight against COVID-19 is taxing the mental health of many. 

Psychologists note that many people are worried about their livelihood and if they will retain their jobs or not.

Speaking to Sakal Times, Pallavi Inamdar, a psychologist from Pune who also works with the State Psychologists Association (SPA) said that though the frequency of calls has reduced, the questions vary a lot.

"Mostly, elderly citizens are concerned about how their daily routine will be affected. Many working individuals are worried if their employers will let them go, " said Inamdar. 

Callers are mostly men. "However, the queries (from women) are on how to take care of children and keep them occupied for so long. Many callers also feel fatigued due to sitting at home," added Inamdar. 

Sharing similar views, Rohini Achwal from Nashik said many callers are panicking and have fear.

"There are a lot of questions about financial situations and how it is difficult to cope with this. Many parents also called enquiring about how the future of their children will be. Regarding education and employment for their kids, many callers have doubts," said Achwal.

Achwal has received many calls where callers feel that everything has ended for them.

Psychologist Prachi Patel from Mumbai said that one of her callers wanted to go to and meet his crush.

"But due to the lockdown, it wasn't possible. However, the caller is not dealing with this," said Patel.

Sharing similar views, Vishal Ganar, a psychologist from Navi Mumbai said a businessman was "anxious about the financial aspect of the lockdown".

"He had 35 people working for him. Other callers had similar financial challenges. Some women wanted to know tips on how to manage children at home. Since children like outdoor activities and now they cannot go outside. It is difficult for women to handle it all together," said Ganar.

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