Coronavirus Maharashtra: MLA Chandrakant Patil against state government's move of reinforcing lockdown

Coronavirus Maharashtra: MLA Chandrakant Patil against state government's move of reinforcing lockdown

Pune: "The Maharashtra State Government has once again decided to enforce a strict lockdown in Pune between July 13 to July 23. This shows that they have failed to fight against such the coronavirus outbreak," said BJP Maharashtra State President and MLA Chandrakant Patil in Mumbai.

He further said, "This is the fifth phase of lockdown since March and it has been announced at a time when the Chief Minister of Maharashtra is saying that the state is under an Unlock 1.0 or 2.0! Barely a few days ago, offices and shops have been permitted to open and now this sudden lockdown. What is the reason for such a step and such dual thoughts of government shows their attitude towards citizens grievances."

He added, "People who were held up in their houses for the last three and half months were slowly limping back to normal life and were in the process of beginning their lives back to normal. And now without any planning, this lockdown has been announced. The problem of rising coronavirus cases in the city is indeed a problem, but many had just started with their industries, shops and establishments. Few had just resume back to their jobs. Now once again they have to stay at home, has the government thought about them? There is a need to think of the common man's economic condition as well as mental and social well being, before making such decisions."

He further said, "The administration must come forward, look at the hardships faced by all, and make necessary arrangements and concessions. Without clarity on this front, it is as if the government has taken this decision to push the people back from getting normal."

He added, "I want to ask the Maharashtra State Government, what is their arrangement for asymptotic cases? How many public representatives have you spoken to in Pune before taking this decision? Wipro had given them a well-equipped hospital a month back on their campus, why haven't they started using the facility? Most cases today are coming from outside the containment zone, then how will the lockdown help? Why hasn't a plasma bank been started in Pune yet? For such a long lockdown, when the citizens have to go out over the next two days fill in their stock of essential goods things, have you thought of the impact it will have on the spread of the virus as social distancing is on tossed in such situations?"

He added, "During the first lockdown, grocery shops and vegetable vendors were allowed to open, but now the government has not even thought of those who live on hand to mouth? What kind of quality working has the state government done in the last four months if you have to suddenly go for such a strict lockdown during the unlock period."

Before enforcing and taking such decisions we as the opposition has raised questions before Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister, as he is also the guardian minister of Pune. Even after so many issues, if you announced the lockdown, then we will follow it as per rules but want a satisfactory reply.

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