Coronavirus Pune: Campaign to connect farmers directly with consumers

Coronavirus Pune: Campaign to connect farmers directly with consumers

Pune: Shetkari Sanghatana, which is a farmers’ association, has started the campaign ‘amchya gavat-rast bhav’ (at our village, at a fair price) to connect farmers directly with the consumers to maintain the supply chain at an affordable price. With the extension of the coronavirus lockdown, Anil Ghanwat, President of the association, has written a letter to the chief minister suggesting measures for agriculture.

“APMC markets are closed, and farmers have no market to sell their produce. In such a situation, the exploitation of consumers begins, owing to the less supply. Therefore, we have started this campaign on social media ‘amchya gavat-rast bhav’ to connect the farmers and consumers directly. The initial response is good, and we hope to continue this even after the lockdown ends as this allows the farmers of getting rid of the middlemen. This will help in providing an alternate channel for marketing for their produce,” said Ghanwat.

Shetkari Sanghatana has also written a letter to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on April 14 demanding remedial measures for farmers and agriculture. 

Ghanwat said, “In the letter, we have asked that farmers should be provided with necessary permissions so they can commute without any hassle since we have started the campaign and farmers are ready to provide vegetables at a reasonable price.”

The other suggestions in the letter include starting the procurement of cotton and other crops by the government and providing electricity to the farmers during the day-time for agricultural activities. 

“Since the electricity usage in the cities has reduced as industries and corporates are not operational, electricity can be provided to farmers during the day time so they can carry out agricultural activities,” added Ghanwat.

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