Michael Forever!

Michael Forever!

25th June 2009. A landmark day in the lives of all Michael Jackson fans. The 'King of Pop' had left us all. His 'This Is It' comeback concert never saw the light of day and left millions, like me, heartbroken and in tears. 

His death rocked Google, sending their stats into a tizzy, and crashed Twitter's servers due to overload of users looking for news. 

His music has survived an entire generation and still makes us sway to his beats. 

On his 8th death anniversary, here is a list of my all time favourite MJ hits

1) The Way You Make Me Feel
My favourite MJ track! The drum beats, the lyrics and the voice, everything is perfect. In his signature  style, the music will pull you to the dance floor. The song was included in his Ultimate Collection but was officially released posthumously in 2011.

2) Black or White
A part of one of the most popular albums, Dangerous, the track titled Black or White slashed records worldwide and was No.1 on chartbusters in over 20 countries. The song speaks of racial harmony and the lyrics remain relevant even today. The video of the song used morphing, a relatively new digital technique, as the views hit unprecedented numbers worldwide

3) Heal The World
Another song from his Dangerous album, it focuses on the need to create a harmonious living for everyone, free of destruction and sorrow. Unlike most of his songs, this one had a melodious tune and the video of Heal the World featured children from crisis-hit countries. MJ also started a Heal The World Foundation that works on improving the lives of children across the world.

4) Earth Song
The song speaks about the environmental hazards because of human greed that has led to the depletion of the natural resources. MJ wrote this song during a tour to Austria after he saw first hand the plight of the the environment and felt pained. The song is ballad-like and has a deep emotional message for everyone. Michael Jackson also received recognition by various environmental agencies for highlighting the sensitive issue

5)They Don't Care About Us
One of the most controversial songs, the lyrics of the song were considered objectionable by many. The song focuses on prejudice, hate and human rights violations with racial undertones that is prevalent in the society. MJ had to issue multiple apologies but he insisted that the lyrics were taken out of context.

Despite his controversial life surrounded by accusations of child sexual abuse, Michael continued to be a global phenomenon. His awards include two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 13 Grammy and multiple Guinness World Record for supporting the highest number of charitable organisations. 

Michael continues to live through his music and his momentous contribution to make this world a better place 

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