Central government repeals the labour act in absence of opposition
Central government repeals the labour act in absence of opposition

Pune: The central government has repealed the labour laws in absence of the opposition and passed laws favourable to the industrialists. The trade union action committee has claimed that this will destroy the employment security of the workers and will break the concept of permanent workers.

The Labour Act was repealed in the Lok Sabha on September 22 in absence of the opposition. Therefore, industries will get the right to lay off workers without any reason. An industry with 300 workers will have the right to cut workers or close a company without prior permission. The government appears to have repealed the Contract Labour Act. The concept of permanent labour will be abolished by universalizing the practice of hiring workers for a fixed period.

Although labour law is a joint matter between the Center and the Maharashtra state government, the central government has made changes in the law without considering the states. The central government should reverse its decision to repeal the labour law. It should not privatize the public sector, provide Rs 10,000 subsidy to workers in the organized and unorganized sector who have lost their jobs due to the lockdown and take action against the companies that did not pay full wages during the lockdown.

Kailash Kadam, Ajit Abhyankar from Pune, Dilip Pawar of Shramik Ekta Sangh and Vasant Pawar have done it through a joint statement. The trade union action committee recently stated demands to the labour utility.

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