CGHS to start tele-consultation services via Health Ministry e-Sanjeevani platform

CGHS to start tele-consultation services via Health Ministry e-Sanjeevani platform

Mumbai: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has been receiving requests from various quarters, including senior citizen beneficiaries, to start tele-consultation services with specialist doctors in view of the current COVID-19 situation, due to which senior citizens are advised not to visit public places, particularly health care facilities.

In order to facilitate consultations with specialists by CGHS beneficiaries without physically visiting a healthcare facility, CGHS has started tele-consultation services that will be in effect from August 28.

Initially, these services will be available to beneficiaries in Delhi/NCR. The e-services are available between 9 am and 12 noon on all working days.

CGHS tele-consultation services are using the existing e-Sanjeevani platform of the Health Ministry. For the ease of use, this platform has been linked with the ID of the beneficiaries.

For availing specialist OPD services, the beneficiaries are required to register on the platform using their mobile number after which an OTP will be generated for verification purposes. After verification, the beneficiaries can log on to the system, fill the patient registration form, request for a token, and upload health records.

The patients will receive patient ID and token through SMS and they will also be intimated about their number in the online queue. On their turn, a 'call now' button will be activated and using the same, the beneficiary can initiate a video call with a specialist for a consultation. After the tele-consultation, an e-prescription will be generated. Using this, the patients can get medicines issued from their CGHS Wellness Centre.

The new tele-consultation services of CGHS will prove to be a boon for those who are not able to visit a doctor due to the pandemic.

To begin with, specialist consultation under the services will be available for the following specialties:

  1. Medicine
  2. Orthopedics
  3. Eye
  4. ENT

For regular OPD services, each CGHS beneficiary is attached to a particular Wellness Centre (WC), although the beneficiaries can avail OPD services at any WC anywhere in the country. For availing consultations with specialists, CGHS beneficiaries get referred by the Medical Officers of their WCs (for senior citizens such referral from the WCs is not required).

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