COVID-19: Indian Medical Association opposes health department's ban on oxygen consumption

COVID-19: Indian Medical Association opposes health department's ban on oxygen consumption

The state health department has instructed to audit oxygen beds for corona-affected patients in private hospitals. In doing so, the formula is seven litres per minute for oxygen bed and 12 litres per minute for ICU.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has criticized the ban as unscientific and a step towards increasing mortality. It has also demanded the withdrawal of the order.

Principal Secretary, Department of Public Health, Dr Pradip Vyas issued the order two days ago. Maharashtra state has the highest number of oxygen beds in the country. At present, more than 600 metric tons of oxygen is required daily. However, there is a discrepancy between the number of oxygen patients and the actual oxygen requirement in private and municipal hospitals.

The medical oxygen you will produce is more than you need. But if such usage increases, the picture will be reversed in the next few days. The central government has also expressed displeasure over this. At present, the proportion of patients on oxygen in the country is around 5 to 6 per cent.

In Maharashtra, however, the proportion is around 10 per cent. Some private hospitals are providing oxygen for longer when patients do not need it. It needs to be brought under control. For this, the oxygen use of private hospitals should be audited, the order clearly states.

The IMA has expressed displeasure over the order. "This order is the biggest and most brutal blow to private doctors. The professional autonomy of doctors serving patients has been undermined. It is a step towards increasing the death rate in the state. Instead of curbing the rising cost of oxygen cylinders and the profitability of suppliers, doctors are being held, hostage. Opposes the restriction of 7 litres for oxygen bed and 12 litres for ICU. These binding orders should be withdrawn," demanded IMA state president Dr Avinash Bhondwe and Secretary of State Dr Pankaj Bandarkar.

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