Monsoon Session: HM Fadnavis admits lapses in Porsche accident investigation

Police should have sent the juvenile for a medical test immediately upon arrival at the station at 3am, not at 8:30am, stated Devendra Fadnavis
State Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis arriving for the Maharashtra Assembly Monsoon Session
State Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis arriving for the Maharashtra Assembly Monsoon

Pune: The Porsche car hit and run incident of Kalyaninagar in Pune rocked the monsoon session of state legislature on Friday (June 28). Opposition leaders accused the state government of shielding the accused in the accident case.

The issue was raised by Suresh Prabhu of Shiv Sena (UBT) during the session, prompting a detailed response from State Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Fadnavis provided a comprehensive timeline of the events. "This issue is indeed serious. The incident occurred around 2:30 AM on May 19, 2024. The accused was initially assaulted by bystanders and then taken to the police station, where a case was registered. Initially, the police filed charges under Section 304A.

However, senior officials later instructed that it should be under Section 304. Consequently, the case was reclassified the same day," Fadnavis explained.

Fadnavis acknowledged police errors, saying, "The police should have sent the accused for a medical test immediately upon arrival at the station at 3 AM, not at 8:30 AM. Initially filing under Section 304A without consulting seniors was another mistake. The responsible officers have been suspended for dereliction of duty."

Fadnavis informed the assembly that the Juvenile Justice Board was presented with a clear case against the accused. "The board was told that the accused, born on September 14, 2006, was 17 years and 8 months old and had committed the act in a gruesome manner. Given his age, it was requested that he be treated as an adult. The board accepted this argument and the accused was subsequently detained," Fadnavis said.

"Upon discovering no alcohol in the blood sample, the police suspected foul play. DNA tests of the accused and his father revealed discrepancies. Immediate action was taken, and a doctor was arrested, admitting to tampering with the sample for Rs 3 lakh," Fadnavis said, highlighting the prompt police response.

High Speed and CCTV Evidence

"The initial charge sheet was filed, and crash impact analysis showed the car was traveling at 110 km/h when the brakes were applied. CCTV footage from the accused’s home and the bars he visited confirmed his activities and speed. His father was charged for allowing him to drive despite being underage. Bar operators were also penalized," Fadnavis added.

"In the Pune area, 70 pubs have faced action for violating license conditions, resulting in license cancellations. Measures have been implemented to check patrons' ages and ensure compliance. Non-compliance will result in license revocation and criminal charges," Fadnavis concluded.

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