Coronavirus Pune: Case file against Aundh society for making own rules

Coronavirus Pune: Case file against Aundh society for making own rules

Pune: Despite the various attempts of warning and caution made by the Pune District Collector and the police for societies creating their own monopoly rules and regulations about coronavirus pandemic norms, finally an Aundh based society learnt a lesson in a hard way.

Due to the alarming rise in corona-positive patients daily, the various housing societies in Pune cities have been making their own rules and regulations that need to be mandated following principles for all the societies members. But the Pune district collector Naval Kishor Ram had already informed the societies norms must be made for the convenience of its members and not for harassment and torturing.

Various societies have framed their own rules which includes no outsiders should enter the premises without medical certificate mandate, especially for the ones who are coming from other districts.

Many housing societies are forcing owners/tenants to give an undertaking for maids and asking for medical certificates. If any the virus spreads from the maid, the society is making the flat occupant responsible. Some societies are also making COVID-19 tests for maids mandatory, and the owner has to bear the cost.

Demanding medical certificate rules invoked by the Aundh-based Rohan Nilay society to rental residents landed them trouble after the person approached the government authorities claiming that they were harassed and tortured by the society's members for demanding medical certificate.

Acting on such grievances, the Collector has directed the police to register the case against such societies body. Based on the superior order the Chhaturshringi police station which falls under the jurisdiction of the Pune city commissionerate lodged an FIR against the Rohan Nilay society's secretary Sunil Anant Shivtare under the relevant provisions laid down under 188 section.

The FIR has been registered by the co-operative housing societies sub-registrar Sneha Joshi.

A police official said, "Sudhir Prakash Messey is staying in the Rohan Nilay society on rent. On June 25, he, along with his wife and son, had come to stay in the said society. But the society's secretary Sachin refused entry through the society's main entrance. He demanded the family will be allowed after they undergo an entire process of medical examination as well as to get the medical certificate after which the society's members will decide."

He added, "Despite the Collector order and police requests, many societies are consistently breaking the rules and causing inconvenience to the residents."

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