Diwali 2020: Air quality in Pune now into 'very poor' category
Post Diwali, the air quality has gone from bad to worseImage source: Sakal Media Group

Diwali 2020: Air quality in Pune now into 'very poor' category

A day after Diwali, air quality in Pune city is now into very poor category

The air quality in Pune entered into the ‘very poor’ category amid the Diwali celebrated on November 14. On Diwali night, firecrackers were seen lighting up the night sky around the various parts of the city.

According to scientists at the System of Air Quality Forecasting and Research (SAFAR), the day after Diwali witnessed PM 2.5 level touching 123 µg/m3 around the city.

The two most polluted areas on Sunday were Katraj and Hadapsar with Air Quality Index (AQI) of 345 and 334 respectively. On the other side, two least polluted areas were Alandi and Pashan with AQI of 189 and 162 respectively.

The reported data of air quality on Laxmi Puja and day after Diwali is found to be following the forecast made with 50 per cent of averaged firecracker emissions of last two years and the AQI sink down to ‘very poor category’ in Pune. As compared to Mumbai, Pune's air quality gone down in these two days.

Due to rising pollution, the cases related to breathing problems have gone up in the city. With resumption of markets and other businesses, firecrackers, pollution, the air quality has further dropped in the city. On the other side, Mumbai's air quality is termed satisfactory.

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