Jog Hosp leaves to be moms in a lurch

Jog Hosp leaves to be moms in a lurch

Pune: Expecting mothers visiting Jog Hospital at Paud Road are facing inconvenience as some of them were informed about closure of the maternity section after it was taken over by Jehangir Hospital’s management. Third trimester patients alleged that the gynecologist and obstetrician at Jog Hospital informed them in the last week of June that they will not be able to deliver at the hospital and referred them to another doctor at a crucial stage.

Other than the maternity section, all other IPDs have been closed temporarily for renovation, and are slated to resume functioning from September 1. After September 1, Dr Smita Jog and Dr Vilas Jog, who were looking after gynecology and obstetrics department in Jog Hospital, will continue to treat patients as consultants.

Pregnancy woes
Dr Smita Jog, who is currently out of the country, has referred her maternity patients to another doctor in the same area as the hospital building is under renovation.

Speaking about the panic and stress at the start of her eighth month of pregnancy due to the last minute change in hospital, Dipti Kulkarni, a regular patient at Jog Hospital, said, “I live in Mumbai. However my maternal family is based in Pune. As there were several complications in my pregnancy, I have been frequently visiting Dr Jog and her hospital to plan my delivery. My delivery date is in the last week of July. However, in the last week of June, the doctor informed me that she will be out of town for two months and the hospital will be under renovations as there has been change in hospital management,” said Kulkarni.

Were the patients informed?
“I am in the ninth month of my pregnancy and faced a lot of stress and panic due to this situation. The doctor and the management should have at least mentioned this a bit earlier,” said Kulkarni.

Dr Smita Jog was not available for comments over the phone. She responded via text that all patients who were under her care were informed well in advanced about the possibility. However, she did not respond to other questions asked by Sakal Times.
Jehangir Hospital protocol
Speaking to Sakal Times, the current administration authority from Jehangir Hospital, who looks after Jog Hospital, Dr Hitesh Chandore said, “Jenahgir Hospital will be starting its operations from September 1. Currently, we are taking only out patients and those who need further treatment are refereed to Jehangir Hospital.”

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