PMC wants to use amenity space to solve parking woes

PMC wants to use amenity space to solve parking woes

PUNE: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has 139 reserved plots for parking in the Development Plan (DP) of the city. 

However, it could develop only 29 plots for the purpose. The remaining reserved plots have either been encroached upon or people have built their houses on them. 

Now, the PMC’s Land Management Department wants to use the amenity spaces for the parking purpose. 

Parking vehicles is one of the major problems in the city. As the number of vehicles is increasing day by day, the rate of development of parking places is very slow. 

In the DP, there are 139 plots reserved for developing parking lots. However, the PMC has constructed multi-storey parking complexes on only 29 plots reserved for parking. 

While speaking to Sakal Times, PMC’s Land Management Department Deputy Commissioner said, “Existing parking lots are not sufficient as compared to the growing number of vehicles. We cannot develop plots reserved for parking as people are residing there and some even have encroachments. So, if we want to develop them, we will have to remove encroachments and rehabilitate the existing residents. It takes a long time to do this exercise. Hence, we have requested PMC’s Building Permission and Development Department to allow us to develop parking lots on amenity spaces to tackle parking issues.”

The 29 ‘Pay and Park’ lots are run by the PMC in the city for four-wheeler parking.

Of these, 11 parking lots are located in the Peth areas, while the remaining are in suburban areas. 

The maximum parking lots are multi-storey and are being run by private contractors. The parking lots charge Rs 10 per hour to park a car. 

Pune Municipal Corporation’s Building Permission and Development Department Superintendent Engineer said, “Old areas in the city are facing parking issues. There are reservations for parking in those areas. The PMC will give 2 FSI (Floor Space Index) for the development of parking lots to private parties, which have been reserved for parking. Now, it is the duty of owners to develop parking areas and hand them over to the civic body. Removal of encroachments and relocating the residents is the responsibility of landowners.” 

Pune Municipal Corporation can develop amenity spaces for parking. However, they are located in suburban areas, he added.

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