Pune: Chatrapati Shivaji market reopens after 100 days

Pune: Chatrapati Shivaji market reopens after 100 days

Pune: The iconic Chatrapati Shivaji Market in Pune Cantonment (Camp) area, which is also the central marketplace for citizens in cantonment board jurisdiction, reopened after 100 days. The cantonment board has allowed to restart this marketplace on a trial basis while implementing all precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the locality. Traders in the area said that the first day of the reopening of the market got a good response from citizens.

Chatrapati Shivaji Market was closed for consumers since the lockdown started in the city. Many citizens faced problems in getting fresh vegetables, fruits, chicken, mutton and fish.

Cantonment board officials have reopened the market on certain terms and conditions. The cleanliness and maintenance responsibility has been put on vendors. Customers are expected to maintain social distancing. To avoid crowding, only three gates out of five have been kept open. Thermal guns and sanitisers have been kept available at these gates for the checking of persons entering the market premises.

Shankar Surve, a vendor, said, "We are taking utmost precautions to maintain hygiene in the market area. We are asking customers to maintain social distancing and to avoid unnecessary crowding."

Some vendors have demanded that the cantonment board officials should take action against the illegal hawkers and street vendors, who are engaged in selling vegetables and fruits by the road side. These illegal vendors do not follow any hygiene related norms.

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