Violence against doctors: IMA demands strict action against attackers

Violence against doctors: IMA demands strict action against attackers

Pune: Doctors are treating patients risking their lives in an outbreak of the novel coronavirus. However, these doctors are being targeted and are being attacked.  The Indian Medical Association (IMA) and has raised the question of whether doctors should lay down their arms? As they are concern about the alarming attacks on them.

A doctor was attacked with a weapon by the son of a Covid-19 patient, who died at a hospital in Latur on Wednesday.

IMA's Maharashtra branch President Dr Avinash Bhondwe demanded a thorough investigation in this case. Dr Mangesh Pate, Dr Suhas Pingale and President of IMA's Latur Branch Dr Vishwas Kulkarni were present during the conference.

Dr Bhondwe said, “Doctors do not charge too much. It is not lonely to express the opinion that they rob patients. Such incidents of violence are taking place in various parts of Maharashtra. However, the side of doctors and hospitals is not understood. Even, it is unfortunate that the government and its ministers are frequently targeting the hospital doctors.” “The government has put a limitation to the private hospitals for billing, but the rates are unreasonable. In fact, the cost of ventilators, oxygen, PPE kits, and biomedical waste has gone up and so has the cost of hospital staff. Doctors are being attacked, insulted, threaten, and abused,” he added.

Dr Pingale said, “Doctors were trying to save patents during difficult times in the corona outbreak, but the government and leaders of various parties were speaking against doctors in such degrading language. Therefore, the morale of the doctors has been eroded.”

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