About us

The Bridge Chronicle is a Pune-based publication committed to bridging the gap between information and the world.

The idea for The Bridge Chronicle stems from the fact that we live in a time of information overload. The world is moving at a fast pace where everyone is focused on giving out "the news". And while that exists, there is a serious dearth of reliable and verified information. 

That's where The Bridge Chronicle steps in. We are committed to delivering not only the news. But also focus our attention on explaining information. Hence, becoming the bridge that we always aim to be. 

 Our tagline 'Voicing Stories that Matter' is the motto that we close to our hearts, and our editorial teams focus on bringing real stories to the forefront. This commitment also sets our editorial tone for the detailed and research-oriented articles that go into the depth of matters. 

For general queries get in touch with us at tbc@apglobale.com

The Bridge Chronicle