‘I am a fan of good stories’

‘I am a fan of good stories’

The second season of Beyhadh has gone on air and Shivin Narang is excited about the show. The actor, who plays Rudra Roy, says his character is a self-made man in spite of his father (Ashish Chowdhry) being a billionaire. “He is an intense guy, a family man. Any common man can relate to my character. Rudra has his own complexities and self struggles, which affects his life and the lives of others. The audience will get to see how he overcomes those aspects of his life,” he says, adding that the character is quite different from what he has played before. 

The Sony Entertainment show yet again stars Jennifer Winget as the protagonist along with Rajat Verma, Melanie Nazrat and others. Shivin says working with Jennifer and Ashish was a great experience and they are a great team. “It’s amazing working with such actors. Since childhood, I have seen Ashish in films and he has done good work on TV. It was a good give and take atmosphere on the set.”

The first season of Beyhadh was a huge hit and it starred Kushal Tandon. Shivin says that he hasn’t watched the first season but has heard a lot about it. “It was a very different show and there was a lot of noise of social media. Later, when I was offered this season, I purposely did not watch it. Though it’s a different story, Maya is coming back. I did not want to spoil the surprise element and instant reaction between Maya and Rudra. Had I watched the show, I would have made some kind of perception in my mind,” he adds. 

Jennifer and Kushal’s chemistry in the first season was the highlight of the show. The audience will compare that with his and Jennifer’s chemistry in this season. But Shivin isn’t worried and says, “Comparisons will happen. We compare everything. We compare the clothes that we wore yesterday with what we are wearing today. Every show, actor, chemistry between actors has its own destiny. At times, two people’s chemistry works beautifully and sometimes, it doesn’t. I am not feeling any kind of pressure,” says the actor who has worked in Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera and Internet Wala Love.   

Ask him if he is a fan of thrillers and he replies, “I am a fan of good stories. What makes the show different is the story and how we treat it. Beyhadh 2’s story, the way we have shot it, the technique used are quite different from other shows. We are catering to all kinds of audience; not just the TV watching audience but the younger lot, the web generation. I am sure they will enjoy it and they will like the second season even more.” 

There were reports about Shivin being offered Bigg Boss 13 but the actor signed Beyhadh 2 instead, which many considered as a bold decision. But Shivin thinks it wasn’t. “I am being offered Bigg Boss for many years and it’s a very big show. But, acting is my profession and I thought, through Beyhadh 2, I could contribute more. You might not remember what happened on Bigg Boss, 10 days back but a good story and character will stay with you for a long time,” he says before signing off.

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