Codefest ’19

Codefest ’19

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT (BHU) Varanasi, brings to you yet another edition of its annual coding extravaganza, Codefest! Being more diverse than ever, Codefest ’19 boasts of a plethora of events and provides the perfect platform for fresh enthusiasts, as well as the experienced ones, to code together. Join IIT (BHU) for a 24-hour hackathon under a single roof and win a grand prize money of Rs 8,00,000. Here are the event categories: 

CAPTURE THE FLAG (CTF): It invites all hackers to show off their skills on a global platform. The problems have been designed taking into account recent technological advances in the field of cyber security and will capture the imagination of both beginners and expert hackers. This contest will let you learn and understand the importance of the security practices being followed across the globe and make you to come up with more exciting solutions to the existing security norms.

ENIGMA: As Big Data is the hottest trend in the tech industry at the moment, machine learning is incredibly powerful to make predictions or calculate suggestions based on large amounts of data. It has its place everywhere now, be it driverless cars, biometric systems, recommendation systems and countless other fields. In the event, the data analysts need to design a model which learns by itself and provide efficient solutions to real life problems.

LINGUIPEDIA: In the modern age of information when the internet is cornucopia of conversation among humans and accumulated data from these communications is voluminous, understanding the nature of language has been of such paramount importance. Untangle the mystery of human expression by becoming a part of Linguipedia. Solve challenging problems in the field of natural language processing and text analytics, machine translations, sentiment analysis and many more.

MATHMANIA: It is a programming contest wherein a contestant is put to test his mathematical reasoning. Although mathematical insights and tricks would help you find the logic in the problem, programming will be your way out for the full solution. Mathmania brings a delectable collection of problems. 

MANTHAN: It offers a problem set which is diverse and covers all aspects of data structures and algorithms, in which even a beginner could attempt a few problems and even the best coders would find it tough to crack the hard ones.

PERPLEXED: It is one of the most innovative events of Codefest, whose target is not only to gauge a contestant’s coding abilities, but also how one tackles different situations and constraints. The problem set will include all mindboggling coding problems, ranging from code obfuscation to stricter memory limits, character limits, time limits, etc. This contest will be an individual contest and the contest duration is five hours.

VISTA: With limitless data to learn from and various applications to apply to, the need to make machines understand and react similar to how we perceive has become predominant in reaching complete Artificial Intelligence with this. With this aim in sight, and to give you a glimpse of the mesmerising world of Computer Vision, Codefest’19 brings to you Vista. Try your hand at challenging problems involving object detection, image segmentation, object classification, motion tracking and many more.

To register, log on to The last day to register is August 23

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