e-Chef workshops to destress your coronavirus lockdown blues
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e-Chef workshops to destress your coronavirus lockdown blues

By Alisha Shinde


If you ever wanted to enrol for a cooking class and make those awesome dishes that not only look good on the plate but on your Instagram page too, here’s your chance to do so. Paulami Sen, a Netherlands-based food blogger, stylist and content creator who runs the page @spicetripwithpaulami, is whipping up some delicious and good-looking dishes that are easy to make and hosting virtual cooking workshops to make cooking easy and fun. 

After moving to the Netherlands in 2017, Sen could not find the same job profile she held in India, and food always being her favourite thing she decided to give it a try. 

“So with my background in marketing and communications and love for food I started creating content and recipes, and it worked,” she says. Sen informs that people in Europe are fond of Indian cuisine and are open to know more about it.

“I started hosting cooking workshops in batches where we would interact with each other, learn recipes and Indian flavour and so on, and it was an impactful beginning,” says Sen. 

Sen says that the first quarter of 2020 was brilliant. “I had several workshops planned, but things didn’t work out amidst the pandemic, and as per guidelines hosting events is a big no-no, so they have been cancelled,” she says. 

That said, cooking makes her happy and stress-free. She also liked the concept of cooking from her kitchen. So, Sen decided to go live on her Instagram page and whipped up some exciting Indian dishes. After which she started hosting workshops online so that those interested could attend the classes in the comfort and safety of their homes. 

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