First impressions...

First impressions...

It is often said that first impressions are the lasting impressions. And this is true of even homes. The Foyer area of the house or the entryway gives the visitor the first impression of your abode. Hence, it is imperative that it is warm and welcoming as this is the area where you leave the outside world and enter a space you call your own home. 

“The term foyer, vestibule or an entryway of a home defines a space that typically links the entrance to the other rooms. In other words, a foyer is where you welcome your guests when they first arrive at your personal space, whether it is a home or an apartment. Foyers have both practical and design roles to play within a living space,”says Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP.

While it is one of the areas that is generally overlooked in a home, it is needless to say that a well-designed foyer will calm you down as you enter your house and help you leave behind the chaos and humdrum of daily life. Hence it is important that this area is aesthetically pleasing and done up in sync with the rest of the home. The design and décor of the entryway gives guests a ‘sneak preview’ of what they can expect inside and provides the first impression of the home owners’ personality and taste.  

These days however, the foyer area is shrinking in size, considering that homes are getting smaller and smaller. Employing décor ideas that will create more room and make the space seem larger is therefore a great idea. The use of mirrors and appropriate lighting are some effective techniques. “Whether your entrance is wide, narrow or barely-there, you can always dress it up with pendant lights and chandeliers to make a grand opening statement. It instantaneously lifts up your mood and creates that oomph factor,” says Syed Habib, General Manager - Buying, Danube Home. 

Lighting fixtures too go a long way in transforming your ordinary passageway into a grand entrance.

Mirrors add great depth to a room and create an illusion of space. “Mirrors work just as well owing to the fact that they tend to make narrow spaces appear much larger and livelier. To lend a refreshing edge, you must opt for a round hanging mirror that will add height to the room or a set of squares that will lengthen your spaces. Hanging crescent-style mirror by the door will help in evoking the calm of nature,” adds Parikh.  

Add a bench for seating or a console table with handpicked artefacts below the mirror and you have a perfectly styled entryway!

A foyer must always exude a feeling of openness. “You can place a divider shelf in the foyer and display your collection of antiques or interesting heirlooms on it. Pick a vibrant colour for your walls, especially if the area lacks natural lighting. This will make your foyer look spacious and more inviting,” says Rishabh Sarpal Atelier, interior designer and founder, Rishabh Sarpal Atelier.

One of the key aspects to note while doing up the foyer area is the fact that it is an area that witnesses great movement. It is a space where most things like hats, coats, bags, shoes and accessories are stored. Hence, it is important that this area is neat and clutter free and not just a pile of unorganised chaos. “Foyers usually tend to be narrow and therefore it is best to utilise the vertical space for décor purposes. You can hang a fishing basket to hold your accessories and a mail caddy to store newspapers and magazines. Place a wicker basket, preferably under a table mirror, to keep all the stuff you need on a daily basis,” says Bhawana Bhatnagar, Interior Stylist and Founder of Casa Exotique. An effective storage cabinet for footwear with proper ventilation at the entrance is required too.

The entry wall can be a perfect place to display all your memories. Pick any size or shape of frames and showcase all your pictures to add character to your home.  You can also choose to transform your wall into an art gallery by hanging either traditional art, paintings, abstract art or even portraits. Decorating the area in a particular theme, either traditional English or tropical or even in animal prints, is another trendy idea. You can also add a touch of green by adding indoor plants to the space. Accentuate them with either jute or rustic planters or ones styled in the form of barrels or crates to make the place look fresh, green and inviting.

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