Fit like a star

Fit like a star

What do Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Scarlet Johansson, Dakota Johnson, and Zoe Saldana have in common apart from being a part of the same industry? Well, they have the same fitness trainer, Ramona Braganza, who has come out with an app that provides customised fitness services to users.

Called MyHomeFitness by Ramona, the app is designed to be is a personalised fitness concept to be delivered in people’s homes. Here she shares more information on the app, her fitness mantra and celebrity clients’ workout regime.

Workout at home
MyHomeFitness by Ramona focuses on core and functional training, but how does it customise fitness services for its users? 
Ramona answers, “The MyHome fitness program is going to be system-dependent rather than trainer-dependent which will in turn help the users have total control over their fitness regime. Body composition analysis for the users will be scheduled every month and a month-wise comparison study will be available to help them gauge their progress. The diet charts will be customised according to every customer’s needs.”

She understands that a celebrity’s fitness needs are different from those of a corporate professional, a school teacher, or an author for that matter. “They might not have access to equipment or might not be able to tick off other check boxes required for the workout. The home gym service takes the same workout I use with my celebrities while on location where time and equipment is minimal and puts people through a complete program of weight loss, muscle building and core support,” says

Ramona, adding, “Clients will receive the same personal attention that my celebrities get, along with diet management, a key component of changing the shape of your body and they will be coached by a celebrity trainer through the trainers I have personally trained.

Mind, body and soul
Though mental and emotional fitness still isn’t given much thought in India, Ramona shares that these two factors are vital in addition to physical fitness for a healthy body. “Mental and emotional support are extremely important and for that reason, the app, the trainers and my motivational messages are all in the palm of your hand. I have added a mindfulness/meditation component to my Hollywood Body workout that should fulfill those needs. These elements give clients the feeling of exhilaration rather than exhaustion and help destress post workout and since my philosophy of 3-2-1 means Get Ready Mentally, Get set Physically, Go Forward Emotionally, I always take into consideration the total wellness of my clients,” says Ramona. 

She conducts many ‘3-2-1’ programs such as 3-2-1 Nutrition Plan, 3-2-1 Baby Bulge be Gone, Feel Fit, Look Fantastic in 3-2-1, and 3-2-1 Instructor Training. The 3-2-1 training method is composed of 3 Cardio, 2 Circuit and one core. Every workout contains these elements in a specific formula,” says Ramona, who also organises 3-2-1- retreats.

Talking about these retreats, she says, “My 3-2-1 Fit retreats are designed to give your personal time with me to learn the training tips and lifestyle secrets of the stars. Over my 30 years in the fitness business with 12 of those years working with Jessica Alba, I crafted many shortcuts to keeping her fit and fabulous. The training and nutrition plans are experienced intensively with a mind-body-spirit approach with yoga, meditation, and an empowering activity.”

Training to be a superhero
While most of what you see in a superhero movie might just be special effects, the actors who play superhuman roles have to be fit enough to do the stunts required of them. This is where Ramona comes into play as she worked with Halle Berry of the X-Men series, Tom Welling from Smallville, and Scarlet Johansson in the Avengers franchise.

“I am called to give the stars the look of action heroes which I do in record time. Stunt coordinators do the additional training with the actors to fulfill the stunts requirements. My workouts always include a lot of leg exercises and core training which help actors pull off many of the stunts they do. My training improves their flexibility, a component needed especially when they throw kicks,” she describes.

Working with Hollywood celebrities
Ramona shares that she recently completed two years of projects with various actors starting with training Ashlee Simpson Ross post her second baby. “I worked with her during her first pregnancy and post and this time around, we managed to lose 50 pounds in five months. The hardest part for her was just the mental portion of believing she would lose the weight. I helped her believe she could do it by supporting her daily emotionally,” says the fitness trainer who doubles up as a cheerleader for her clients to help them do their best to get into the right shape. 

She was also involved in training the actors of the 50 shades franchise. Both Dakota and Jamie had the added stress of needing to keep fit for five months as they filmed the final two installments of the film back-to-back since 50 Shades Freed is releasing this Valentine’s Day. “They were both lovely to work with and I trained them in my 52-foot mobile gym trailer,” says Ramona. 

Last year, she worked with actor Michael Weatherly, who acted in the TV series NCIS. “I worked as his live-in lifestyle coach for the year in New York City. We had our challenges as his schedule was packed and his stress was high. I helped manage that along with providing meals and fitness program,” she ends.

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