Gorge on street food

Gorge on street food

One can never have enough of street food, especially if you are visiting Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai, which is a haven for meat lovers. During Ramzan month, the place turns into a funfair, lit up with pretty yellow lights and has endless delicacies on offer to munch on. If you are unable to make it to Mumbai, you can still enjoy the essence of Mohammad Ali Road here at Hyatt Pune, where they have recreated its magic with mouth-watering delicacies for people to relish. 

Bringing to town the festive vibes, chefs at Eighty Eight, Hyatt Pune, have introduced the food festival Dawaat-e-Khaas to take visitors on an enchanting culinary ride. To create the exact replica of Mohammad Ali Road and curate an appetising meal for guests, Chef Suvendu Roy visited Mumbai and tasted the food and experienced the energy that the place has to offer. 

If you walk into the restaurant in Pune, you will feel similar vibes. Right at the entrance, a stall serving ice golas in various flavours welcomes you. But this is just the beginning. Take a few steps more and you will be enticed by the aromas of the mouth-watering starters that the chefs prepare on the live counters. The decoration is equally mesmerising with pretty lights creating the perfect mood to enjoy a sumptuous meal. After checking out the live counters and how everything is prepared, we decide to choose a table at the centre of the restaurant. After we settle in,  Kachori Chaat, a quintessential part of street food, is served. With its tangy, zesty flavour, the chaat works as a great starter and acts as a perfect teaser for what is in store for us further. 

The endless options that follow blow us away —  Shammi Kebab, Baida Roti, Kheema Roll, Mutton Chap and much more. Baida Roti, which is crispy on the outside and has a tender chicken stuffing, is quite filling. 

After our fill of lip-smacking starters, we move to the main course. Dum Mutton Biryani and Gurda Kaleji are good, but Haleem draws most of our attention. Mixed with the right concotion of spices and cashews to balance the taste with a layer of ghee floating on top, we find it hard to resist multiple servings. 

The chefs have also experimented with the chapatis which have different flavours everyday during the course of the festival. During our visit, we were served strawberry-flavoured chapatis and Lachcha Paranthas. 

The fest is not all about non-veg dishes. Gravy Paneer and Mixed Veg are dishes that vegetarians can enjoy.  

Among the desserts, Noorani Malpua, which is a mix of whisked eggs and Malpua, is interesting. Sheer Korma (served hot on the table), and Gulab Jamuns and Jalebis also leave a sweet aftertaste. 

The ongoing Dawaat-e-Khaas Festival (a la carte lunch and dinner buffet from 7-11 pm) continues at Eighty Eight, Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar, till June 26

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