Here's why Sherlock Holmes creator's estate sued Netflix for its upcoming film Enola Holmes

Here's why Sherlock Holmes creator's estate sued Netflix for its upcoming film Enola Holmes

The estate named after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has sued Netflix over its upcoming film 'Enola Holmes', for allegedly depicting the world-famous fictional character Sherlock Holmes as an over-emotional man. Having emotional bonds and respect for women as a character trait for the private investigator from the late 19th century, who is known as a man with a brain and no heart, apparently violates the author's copyright, who created Holmes, as a man with fierce intelligence, aloof attitude and unemotional nature.

The Doyle estate had previously filed a lawsuit against Miramax, five years ago, for the film 'Mr Holmes' for showing Holmes retirement. Which originally only takes place in the final stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The estate, this time filed a case for a much abstract reason, which will prompt the creators of the film 'Enola Holmes' to pay the extra money, if they wish to portray Sherlock Holmes as an emotional character.

Enola Holmes is based on a novel series by Nancy Springer, which revolves around a teenage sister of Sherlock. The film has a lot of connections with Doyle's novel. The estate has sued Netflix, Springer, her publisher Penguin Random House and the film's producers. It has stated that Springer's series and Netflix's adaptation has based the film on key elements of Doyle's novel.

The Doyle estate has previously also mentioned, that the character of Holmes needed full copyright protection in order to remain logical, and losing copyright to some of the stories gave Holmes 'multiple personalities.'

The estate has pointed out that Springer and Netflix have created Enola Holmes, based on the personality trait, which is still protected under copyright. The new personality of Sherlock includes reacting with 'warmth and emotion.' It also stated that the copyright specifically covers Holmes reaction, per se, the habit of caring if his companion 'Watson' is injured or kidnapped, which might take the worldwide fan base by surprise.

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