Home décor is not just an art. There is a bit of science involved too when it comes to highlighting the right contours of your living space. Of course, ultimately, it all boils down to functionality and uniqueness in giving your abode a character of its own. Curtains, carpets, wall art are some of the décor items which have always been available in the market, and are trusted  aides when it comes to redoing up your home or giving it a new look. 

Recently, with so many niche stores opening up, the shoppers can pick from a vast platter of options, right from itsy bitsy stuff to high maintenance décor pieces. That’s why it’s all the more necessary to underline the importance of choosing wisely over hoarding pieces and sustainability, durability over cheap, short-lived products. We talk to industry experts to find out what is in trend this year and how you can easily add new elements to your home to give it a makeover. 

The colours of your home have to be inviting, don’t they? And, why not? Everyone has to agree on a shade that’s suitable for everyone and that’s why the family members are in long deliberation over the ‘right’ shade and the latest trends too. Sharing his inputs on the trends, Peeyush Bachalus, general manager, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd, says, “Whites are making a come back in modern homes. Considered as the most versatile hue in the spectrum, white complements every colour as the perfect partner. It brings a sense of calm, hope and order into lives, creating simplicity and elegance in décor.”

Muted colours like earthy tones too are in vogue and Bachalus explains why. “Neutrals and earthy tones are not just easy on the eyes but they also harmoniously blend with surrounding colours, keeping the space more grounded. Just like whites, these hues are classics and can be used on their own or combined with pop/ trendy colours for a more versatile design,” he adds. 

This doesn’t mean that bolder colours will take a backseat; India being a vibrant nation with so many festivals celebrated all year around, bold and bright colours are in our DNA! “Colours like Coral Orange, Kokam Red, Sunlight Yellow, Fojo Pink are a few such bright Indian colours that will continue to dominate as pop colours on accent walls and exteriors across different geographies in 2019,” informs Bachalus. 

Your walls can spark conversation, like an art piece. So why not add a bit of fun and make the plain brick and mortar wall more edgy? 

Bachalus says that wall art is one of the most popular ways to embellish walls. “Urban homemakers prefer to decorate their walls than keeping them plain. Designs inspired by local places, art and crafts or even architecture can make the accent walls look fun and edgy.” 

Mithun Sheth, CEO, AMA Design Solutions Pvt Ltd adds that art deco is a modernist style which pays a lot of attention to decorative elements. “The trick is to use it sparingly, just enough to give the right essence inside a built space,” he says.

Sheth adds that simple, geometric forms used commonly in art deco can be used as prints for Indian homes, either in the form of upholstery or as decorative elements for frames of lights. They have a certain bohemian feel which gives a nice and classy look to the home. 

Sheth opines that home decor trends are timeless, however, it is good idea to keep adding a new character to one’s home every now and then. This results in giving refreshing new vibes to homes. One way is to experiment with furniture. “You can invest in curved furniture like sofa sets, couches, round shape beanbags and dining tables with round chairs. A new flooring enhances your home value and has a variety of materials and designs to experiment with. For instance, carpets are ageless additions to décor and they are chosen by customers for their plush feel and their ability to add warmth. Expect to see more patterns, colours, designs and variety of look and feel.

Light, airy, blonde flooring works with just about any décor and instantly makes the room look bigger,” he says. 

Metals have become part of the modern day interior design whether it be for kitchens, living rooms or even bedrooms. “Hitherto metals have been used mainly in construction of buildings but in modern architectural designing, they are used to make a solid statement. Rose Gold colour, or any bright metal, used in conjunction with an apt lighting can accentuate the glitz and glam factor inside a planned space. Metal reflects lighting creating drama inside a room. It is being used regularly in contemporary design for their strength and look,” adds Seth. 

Fabrics have always been the mainstay for décor. Fabrics, used as curtains, keep out the sun and add beauty to the room/s. Surjit Arora, owner, Arora Drapes, says, “Updating a room’s window treatments is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to transform a space. If you’re bored of the same curtain panels or heavy drapes, consider an airy window scarf instead.”

Talking of latest trends that people should try, Arora recommends window scarves, valance (short blinds) as they provide a cutting edge and deviating look to the room. “The window scarves, in particular, are designed to be feather-light with an unmistakable sheerness that filters light and creates a wonderful ambiance. They let light in while diffusing it just enough so that it disperses throughout the room,” he adds. 

Bed linen plays an important role in home décor. “Dressing your bed in pretty fabrics is almost like dressing your self. Bed linen has been elevated both in importance and quality. While choosing the bed linen, it is important to keep in mind the thread count and GSM (grams per square metre measurement). Looks, designs and softness in the fabric easily attracts us but these are few things that one should keep in mind,” says Arora.

A home is often a reflection of the owners or the residents personality. Therefore choosing the right mix of affordable home decor and ambiance becomes a necessity. “The new generation understands the media and are digitally charged because of which they invest in things that are not only trending but also unique, luxurious and also fit in their budget,” he points out. 

With the growing number of apartments and residential complexes, what is apparent is that the green cover is diminishing. Unfortunately, most residential complexes also don’t have a proper balcony. Or if there is one, the families make use of it for storage. Despite all these arguments, you know how a green patch can uplift your surroundings or your disposition too. Sujit Jain, founder and CEO, Griin, says that with changing times, vertical gardens for the interiors have become a go-to-thing. 

Vertical gardens turn any interior instantly into a fresh and healthy environment and that makes them a ‘Not to miss’ essential of latest interior designs. “If you want to add a splash of natural and refreshing colour in your living room, then you can choose from a variety of indoor colourful plants like philodendron (yellow), golden money plant (yellow), money plant (green) and syngonium (white, green and pink),” he says. Select the plants and create a pattern depending upon the theme or interiors of your house.

Jain adds, “It is absolutely essential to maximise every single centimetre of usable space and vertical gardens are a wonderful way to do it. They increase the aesthetics of your home and also help in purifying the air and increasing oxygen level in the area.

When you have natural lights, think of adding beautiful plants like asparagus (green), roheo (purple), spider (white and green) and golden pendanus (yellow).”

With sustainability becoming the need of the hour, Vaishali Karad, founder, Paashh, says sustainability begins at home. “Designing a sustainable house may seem like a challenge but it’s actually not. It simply involves making better choices or finding alternatives which will stay for longer and have a positive impact on the environment,” Karad says. 

Sustainable houses are not only easier to maintain but they also last longer and are much more energy efficient. “From improving indoor air quality to controlling global climate change, sustainable houses help people live a more eco-friendly lifestyle which is really needed in today’s world. Use natural materials like clay, stone, sand, wood, bamboo, coconut shell, hemp and other non-synthetic sources, ” she adds.

Here’s how you can incorporate sustainable elements in home decor
- Pick natural materials for any décor item. Even if it’s a candle, go for the one made from soy or beeswax.
- Buy local, handcrafted and ethically made decor pieces.
- Add potted plants to your homes. Even if they are small indoor plants, they will add a vibrant touch to your space.
- Get creative! Reuse or recycle. Breathe new life into old furniture or repurpose household items as decorations, like using an old rug as a wall painting or a ladder as a bookshelf.

- Avoid buying paints labelled VOC as they are toxic for the environment and health.
- Plastic décor is cheap but it won’t last long. Buy for durability.
- Don’t choose furnishings and home textiles made from synthetic materials. Always choose natural fabrics.

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