The Parsi Punch

The Parsi Punch

The Sassy Spoon, Koregaon Park, has collaborated with Perzen Patel, more popularly known as The Bawi Bride, to host a unique Parsi food pop-up at the restaurant which continues till April 30. This mouth-watering menu will feature all-time favourites like Chicken  and Mutton Dhansak, Patra ni Machhi, Salli Chicken and Chicken Farcha, to name a few. Keeping up with the restaurant’s sassy take on traditional dishes, the menu also features some unique creations like Salli Boti Jardaloo Pie, Lagan nu Istoo Pot Pie and much more. 

Vegetarians will also have some delicious options to choose from like Tatrelo Mushroom Broccoli Patio on Khari, Guava ni Curry with Coconut Rice, Gor Amli Kachumbar and 101 Badaam Paneer Stew with Buttered Ladi Pav and so on. One can also choose to indulge in iconic desserts like Lagan nu Custard, a more modern Mawa Kopra Pak with vanilla ice cream, Toasted Coconut or Bun Maska Marmalade pudding (which is Sassy Spoon owner Rachel Goenka’s Parsi take on the classic bread and butter pudding).

Patel started her award-winning Parsi food blog as a new bride in 2013 when she realised she didn’t know how to cook Parsi food. Patel’s passion for making Parsi food more accessible saw her starting Bawi Bride Kitchen, a gourmet Parsi food delivery company early 2014. Bawi Bride Kitchen supplies delicious homestyle Parsi food across Mumbai through various food delivery apps and caters for parties of up to 200 people. 

After dishing out more than 5,000 litres of Dhansak, Perzen is on a mission to showcase that there is more to Parsi food than Dhansak. She does this by constantly experimenting in the kitchen as well as hosting a range of pop-ups, food walks and cooking classes. In the past three years, Bawi Bride Kitchen has helped with the launch of Chennai’s first Parsi restaurant. To take it to the next level, Patel has now also established her own company, Greedy Foods Private Limited and has a fully equipped commercial kitchen in Mahim, Mumbai. 

Here, Patel shares some Parsi recipes with us: 

Mutton Dhansak with Caramelised brown rice

    Mutton boneless….     500 gm
    Ginger-garlic paste….     30 gm
    Salt…    .. 3 tsp
    Water..     800 ml

    Basmati rice…    . 500 gm
    Jaggery    ….40 gm
    Sunflower oil….    .20 ml
    Bay leaves…    . 4 
    Cloves…    .. 8
    Jeera...     2 tsp
    Salt...     1 tsp

    Ghee….     15 gm
    Tur dal…    .. 200 gm
    Green chillies    .3
    Brinjal…    .50 gm
    Pumpkin…    ..75 gm
    Coriander…    .. 0.25 bunch
    Spring onion…    .. 3 stalks
    Tomatoes…    ..175 gm
    Curry leaf….    .10
    Turmeric powder…    .1 tsp
    Red chilli powder…    .8 gm
    Dhansak masala…    ..12 gm
    Sambhar masala…    .12 gm

    Onion…..    100 gm
    Tomatoes    ….60 gm
    Coriander……    ....500 gm
    Chillies (green)…    ..1
    Salt…    ..1 tsp
    Lemon…    .2

-Marinate mutton with salt and ginger-garlic paste and cook in pressure cooker for three whistles and 25 minutes on low flame.
Wash twice and soak the dal in water for at least 30 minutes.
-Chop all the vegetables and keep aside.
-In the cooker, add ghee and then the vegetable mixture (brinjal, pumpkin, tomato, spring onion, chillies and curry leaves). Sauté and add the spices (turmeric, chilly, dhansak, sambhar) and then put the dal. Cook for three whistles and 10 minutes on low flame.
-After the mixture gets cooked, blend it to a smooth consistency. Add the mutton and stock to give it a gravy texture. Serve it with caramelised rice and kachumber (homestyle). 
-To make caramelised brown rice, wash and soak basmati rice in water.
-Heat oil and add garam masala and jaggery. Heat the jaggery till dark brown but not burnt.
-Add in the rice and water.
-Once cooked drain the water and set the rice aside.

Patra ni machchi
    Coconut….    .1
    Coriander….     2.5 bunch
    Garlic….    60 gm
    Jeera…    ..40 gm
    Vinegar…    .35 ml
    Lemon…    .1
    Chillies (green).    .. 10 gm
    Salt..    .2 tsp
    Sugar…    .1 tbsp
    Mint…    . 0.5 bunch

    Pomfret...    3 pcs
    Banana leaf for steaming        …    . 3pcs
-Wash and clean the pomfret and slit with a knife.
-Make the mixture of patrani by grinding the ingredients mentioned above.
-Now marinate the fish with (turmeric, chilli powder and salt). Now, put the ground mixture all over the fish.
-Put the marinated fish in the banana leaves and put in the steamer.
-Cook it well for 10 -12 min. 
-Have it with steamed rice.

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