Personal, stylish and very you

Personal, stylish and very you

It is the time of the year again where shops are awash with colour, sales are aplenty, roads are chock-a-block with shoppers and there is an air of celebration all round. With Diwali approaching, and Christmas and New Year’s to follow soon after, the time for new beginnings, cheer and hope has arrived.  
And what better way to ring in the festivities than give your home a makeover? After all, home is where the heart is and a few experiences can be more joyful than setting up your home for the festival season. So, here are some ways to style the interiors and add splendour to your living place.  

A minimalistic and personal touch
As it is often said, a home is a reflection and extension of one’s personality and this is what makes each home unique. One of the latest trends this festive season is to add your personal touch and keep your home decor as minimalistic as possible. Ditch the ostentatious for the elegant and choose subtle instead of superlative.  

Bring in metal, the right kind of lighting and create your own, cosy corners for warm vibes. “The biggest trend is overall flexibility, being minimalistic and creating the ‘very me kind of look’ as opposed to bling. Home décor should be in sync with the owners’ personality and the interiors should reflect the mood of the season. Pastel colours, big bottles, old traditional copper pots for decorations are in vogue this season,” says M S Kamath, VP Research & Development, Kurlon.  

Simple things like adding a hint of gold, fresh flowers or indoor plants can go a long way in adding colour to your home. Go in for a single statement piece like a chic lampshade or large traditional painting instead of multiple pieces. Create personalised little vignettes around the statement piece to accentuate the setting.   

Creative and unique table setting is yet another aspect of festive home décor. “If you’re hosting a family gathering, pick up a few stunning platters to awe your guests with both your buffet spread and your stellar serve-ware. Turn up the glam quotient with exotic assorted products lining your table and making a statement. Up the ante with fancy wine goblets that exude a regal charm and add an elegant centrepiece to the setup,” says Arshi Mukri, Design Expert, Pepperfry.  

Pocket friendly and practical ideas
It is a misconception that you need to splurge to give your home a festive makeover. Recycled and upcycled products are a great option to avoid wasteful expenditure. Old decorations like torans can be revamped and reused by adding a few trinkets to make them look new. Buy fewer candles and repaint your existing diyas instead of buying new ones. “A little natural lighting goes a long way in adding life to any space. Illuminate the nooks and corners of your home with budget-friendly options such as floral-scented candles in a variety of colours and add intricately carved metallic diyas to further add to the festive appeal. One can also create DIY lamps using discarded glass bottles and mason jars paired with fairy lights for a more colourful setup,” says Mukri.

If you are looking to buy new furniture pieces, go in for space saving and multifunctional pieces. “The new trend this season is also utilising space by using multifunctional/shape shifting furniture which combines style with comfort and functionality.  Shape shifting furniture also gives the illusion of a bigger space under proper lighting environment,” adds Kamath.  

If you have older pieces, you can give them a new look by repair and re-polish. Vintage and heirloom pieces have a timeless quality and hence can never be out of vogue. “Vintage sofas, quirky chairs and rustic furniture are trending. Also, you can choose to customise products according to your budget and as per your requirement in terms of quality, fabric and colour palette,” says Parikshit Deshmukh, co-owner at Meuble India.  

Eclectic and quirky accessories
The options available today are endless and there is plenty to choose from. Right from traditional candles to glass bottle lights, floating candles and paper lanterns called kandils, there are a variety of products available. If you are not a fan of store-bought items, try DIY or just re-assemble the existing stuff you have to create a new look. 

For instance, you can enliven your balcony space by placing a rug and some floral themed throw cushions and add fairy lights. Complete the look with beautiful rangolis on all four corners to curate a boho-glam look. 

Use block prints and indigenous fabric for an ethnic look. Round up the look by throwing in cushions with zari embroidered or silken covers, oversized glass vases with fresh flowers, and runners in bold hues to further add a suave touch to the place. But never ‘overdo’ because less is more and to strike an optimal balance is the key! 

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