Racing ahead

Racing ahead

A family bond
Running a venture, especially a family business, takes a lot of courage, dedication and balancing act. Sunita Rathod, who handles the marketing and communications for the famed Rathod Jewellers in the city, points out that she loves every aspect of creative thinking.

Rathod initially started off handling the accounts for the family business but numbers and tallying was not something she was keen on pursuing any further. “The creative bug in me would not let me rest, so I decided to shift departments and since then I have never looked back,” she says.

As a part of the marketing team, Rathod takes care of everything ranging from creatives, brainstorming to the strategic positioning of the brand image so that it reaches more and more people and in the process takes the brand ahead. Managing work and home is quite a task, however Rathod knows how to give both her best. “When I think about unwinding, the first thing I think of is my family. As long as they are happy and healthy, I am happy and it is the best feeling in the world,” she says. 

She further adds that since theirs is a family business, sometimes work does make it to the dinner table. “But I really like the family bond that we share and the tremendous support that each of us gets,” she says. 

She loves the fact that their family business reflects a positive family environment and that they have the privilege of being together. “We are in this together because of which all of us put in the effort to take the legacy of Rathod Jewellers ahead,” she says. 

What started off as a hobby and a liking towards creative thinking has taken Rathod on an amazing journey. 

Slaying the market
The number of women working in the financial sector is still not very high in India. However, Somya Sharma, who moved to Pune from South Africa a few years ago, is slowly changing this narrative. Sharma, who loves glamour, also runs a franchise of SMC as a sub broker. “After I moved to Pune, there came a time when I lost a minor amount in the share market. That was the point when I made up my mind that I had to learn more about the stock market and in the process, slowly but successfully completed my finance education and started giving financial advice to people,” says Sharma. 

She adds that for her, going back to studies was a tad difficult. However, since she has always been good at studies and at numbers, she picked up what she was learning quickly and effectively. She now helps people invest wisely and grow financially. “Since there are few women in this field, I do come across people who don’t want to listen to me. However, I am okay with it. I am here to help them and maybe years from now, they would probably think of the time that I actually gave them a good advice but they turned it down because I am a woman,” says Sharma.
She asserts that she has a good convincing power which helps her deal with clients. It is not just because of her aura but also because she is good with numbers. Talking about the current market, Sharma says that it is not a good time to invest, however a ‘short-call’ could be beneficial in the longer run. Even though the financial expert is always on her toes, she finds her balance when she spends time with her family and friends. “It all comes down to how you are planning your day and get going,” she concludes. 

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