Safe And Secure

Safe And Secure

The online dating culture is a hit among the masses because you don’t have to meet people in person immediately. But first try to understand each other and then decide if you want to take it forward or not. Woo, an app, loved by women focuses on the safety and privacy of its users in the digital age. The app has a lot  of features that help the users to have a safe, easier and more accessible online dating experience. Some key and distinctive features of Woo which make it different are — Woo Phone, Woo Hide, Woo Secret, Woo Ask, Woo Tag Search and Woo Plus.

‘Woo Phone’ is a one of a kind feature that enables women to call their matched profiles from within the app without revealing their phone numbers. It is exclusively available and for free to women using the dating app. ‘Woo Hide’ is another feature where women can browse profiles in ‘incognito’ mode.
Sumesh Menon, CEO and co-founder of U2opia Mobile tells us more about the app and its features to have an enhanced experience online. 

“We understand the issues with online dating, which is why we built an app which inspires trust and comfort. And we know that gut-instinct plays a big role when a person likes someone new, so we built our app from that sensitivity,” says Menon.
He further adds that they have built a platform for singles looking for meaningful relationships. Talking about how the app works, he explains that Woo matches people based on things that matter, like interests and ambitions, as a basis for lifelong relationships. “All a user needs to do is sign up via Facebook or phone number and once signed in, the users need to give details about their lifestyle, relationship, interests and add a short bio. Uploading a profile picture is a must because all this information helps Woo find that perfect match for them,” he adds. 

He believes that it is important to put up a good quality picture, stay consistent in your usage and not be hesitant to initiate conversations when you get a match. “Your profile bio should steer clear of negativity or bragging. A nice opening line with some humour always works and if you’re a guy, a picture with a dog seems to impress a lot of women!” says Menon. 

Talking about the security features for women, Menon points out that Woo has always been a woman centric app. “Woo Phone and Woo Hide are one of a kind in the market which have been developed taking into account research, insights and feedback from its female users because of which a large number of women have started using these features,” says Menon.  Besides that they have a robust report abuse system where people can be flagged if they are deemed unfit to be on the app. Woo has upped its stakes in the ‘dignity score’ by ensuring that casual daters, thrill seekers, married users and those indulging in illegal soliciting are weeded out. 

“As a women-first app, we are constantly innovating and devising special features for women like Woo Secret, where details like name, number, location remain confidential. Only initials of females on the app are visible,” says Menon. 

Other key features
Crush: The feature allows a user to send a customised message to another user s/he likes, even before matching. It allows the profile to stand out from the rest and gives the user a chance to make that perfect first impression. Using crush increases one’s chances of getting a match by three times!
Boost: It increases the user’s visibility in the app and therefore, the chances of finding a match. Another great thing about Boost is that one can see all the people who visited their profile while it is Boosted. 
WooPlus: A WooPlus subscriber will give users access to a whole bunch of features to make their Woo experience even better. They can find out who liked them, who visited their profiles, Unlimited Likes each day, No Ads.
TagSearch: It gives the users an opportunity to search according to the interest that matters more. 
WooQ: Users can add interesting answers to our fun questions and be discovered even faster. 
Woo Globe: Woo Globe will allow people to meet interesting, like-minded people by swiping anywhere in the world, searched by location, ethnicity and religion globally.

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