State of Siege 26/11: From the book to the screen

State of Siege 26/11: From the book to the screen

Journalist Sandeep Unnithan’s Black Tornado — The Three Sieges of Mumbai 26/11, which will be released on April 13, 2020, has now been made into a Zee 5 original series, titled State of Siege 26/11.

The 26/11 attacks, as they are now known, are widely regarded as the world’s first hybrid terrorist attack. 

The response to the offensive was the first instance of all three wings of the Indian Armed Forces coming together to fight terror. The onslaught tested the mettle of India’s elite counter-terrorist force, the National Security Guard (NSG), whose strike element was entirely made up of army personnel; the Indian Navy dispatched its marine commandos in the initial hours of the attack; the Indian Air Force flew the NSG into Mumbai and air-dropped them over Nariman House.

Black Tornado, as the operation was called by the NSG, is the story of the commandos called into action in the desperate hours following the most sensational terrorist attack the country has ever seen. The author puts together a blow-by-blow account of the terrorist strike and how the siege of Mumbai was thwarted by India’s security forces.

Udayan Mitra, publisher — Literary, HarperCollins India said, “We hope that with the web series, many more readers will want to turn to read Sandeep Unnithan’s rivetting account of 26/11 attacks.”

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