Store well

Store well

Everyone desires a home with ample storage space so that essential supplies, miscellaneous items and the like can be stashed away without really having to comprise on space and the aesthetic of the house. Whether it is the kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom, storage units are always in demand and home owners seek for them to not only be functional but trendy and chic too.  A well-designed closet will certainly increase the storage capacity of your space, thus leading to a cleaner look throughout the rest of your home.

A symbol of style
Storage units today have grown much beyond being just ‘almirahs’ or wardrobes. They are a key component of interiors today. With people becoming more fashion-conscious and updated about the latest trends, designers are always on their toes to create and suggest the perfect wardrobe designs to homeowners.  “From being just a purposeful piece of furniture to becoming a style icon, the wardrobe has experienced a wonderful design revolution. If there’s one thing in your bedroom that can change the aesthetic and theme of the room, it’s the wardrobe,” says Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP.  

Ergonomically designed wardrobes with a blend of aesthetics for compact spaces, innovative designs serving multiple purposes and new age materials dominate the storage space scene in the current age. “From hinges to sliding doors, smart spacing options, variety in terms of materials and finish, wardrobes are now meant to enhance the rooms’ glamour furthermore,” says Dipti Das, AVP-Design,

Latest trends
Neat floor to ceiling wardrobes that conceal everything inside including lofts, premium sliding systems that are less space consuming and wardrobe lights with sensors are some of the trends in the wardrobe space today. Sliding wardrobe doors are an effective way to overcome space constraints. From wardrobes in the bedroom, to cupboards in the hallway, sliding doors come in many designs to allow you to create simple storage solutions in any room. Also, they do not require any space for a hinged door opening allowing accessibility without restricting movement making it ideal for a bedroom.  “Walk-in closets have been around since quite some time now; they are the ultimate fashionista’s goal. It is a highly organised spacious wardrobe which allows you to try out various clothing with an inbuilt mirror and LED lighting,” adds Parikh. 

Headboard or loft wardrobes which are easy to access and are great space-savers are also in vogue these days. Utilising the area around the top of the bed for cupboards and shelves is yet another idea as these wardrobes allow you to integrate storage into a bedroom without taking up valuable floor space. Using magnetic handles vis-à-vis large chunky ones is also trendy these days.

Material choices galore
Solid wood, veneer, laminate, glass, PVC foil and lacquer. These are just some of the materials used for making storage units today. Considering the challenges such as high maintenance, risk of termite infestation and lack of a modern look, people today avoid using old style wood. “Lacquered glass has gained immense popularity as a material for wardrobes as it has a highly reflective surface which is both premium looking and easy to clean,” adds Das.

Veneers are made from layers of natural wood and are versatile to give both a traditional and modern appeal to the space apart from adding an element of warmth and elegance. Laminates are popular wardrobe material because of their affordable pricing and flamboyant appeal. They have high durability, are water-resistant and easy-to-clean. “Mirror wardrobes are soon becoming the urban millennial’s new favourite due to their multi-functionality. Always opt for superior quality hinges or track systems as the mirror may add weight to the panel,” says Arshi Mukri, Interior Design Expert, Pepperfry.

Plan ahead
Since space crunch is a phenomenon that is here to stay, it is always advisable to make optimum use of the available resources. Wardrobe planning must be done according to need and keeping the next five years in mind and not one’s current situation. If the space is small, always use lighter shade laminates, sliding doors and mirrors as they reflect light and make the space look bigger. If your space has high ceilings, you can make the most of all that extra space by using high cabinetry and pull-down wardrobe rails. “If you are looking to curate a glamorous setting, then curate a mini walk-in closet by opting for a rustic wooden themed wardrobe. This style is sure to enliven any home,” adds Mukri.

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