Suniel Shetty was not the first choice to play villain in ‘Main Hoon Na’: Farah

Suniel Shetty was not the first choice to play villain in ‘Main Hoon Na’: Farah

Filmmaker-actress Farah Khan will appear in the upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television’s comedy show, The Kapil Sharma Show.

The ace choreographer and producer, while talking to Farah about her directorial journey, revealed an interesting fact about her first movie, Main Hoon Na. She went on to say that Suniel Shetty aka Anna was actually the last actor who was locked to play the villain in the movie.

She had initially approached acclaimed actors from Naseeruddin Shah to Nana Patekar to Kamal Haasan to play the part.

A source close to the show confirms, “When Kapil asked Farah to elaborate her reason behind casting Suniel Shetty, she said that her first choice was always Naseeruddin Shah but he declined the role stating that he couldn’t stick around for so many days. Hence, she signed him as Shah Rukh Khan’s father and then, she went and met Kamal Haasan in Chennai and stayed there for a day. She also narrated the script to Kamal who eventually declined. Not stopping at that, she approached Nana Patekar who liked the script but made a few edits in the script followed by writing a few more scenes which Farah happily included in the movie. But then again, Nana too declined the role.” 

But not the one to give up, she then went to Suniel, thinking that taking an actor in villain’s role would be new and a person like him will do justice to the character. “Suniel agreed to do the film by only listening to the first half of the film and was finally cast as the villain. His role in the movie was well appreciated to an effect that he was flooded with offers to play a villain in other movies,” she further added on the show. 

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