Usher in the good tidings!

Usher in the good tidings!

The festive season is soon reaching a grand finale. It’s time to rejoice with family and friends and welcome the spirit of Yuletide in your homes. As with all festivals, the essence of Christmas too is best enjoyed when you celebrate it with your loved ones, in your loved abode.    

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bring out those dreamy lanterns, candy canes, wreathes and decorated Christmas trees. 

Christmas décor does not feel complete until you adorn your home with the ever-favourite fairy lights, jingles, ornaments, mistletoes and of course the ‘all important’ Christmas tree. In addition to this, the nativity scene, reindeer and sleigh coupled with melodious Christmas carols in the background are sure to fill your house with warm, cosy vibes. “Plants in the house or balcony can be covered with fairy lights, Christmas lanterns can be hung at the windows and snowflakes can be painted on window panes with paint that can be washed off post-Christmas. A wreath can also be placed at the entrance of the house and a string of tiny gold bells can be hung above the door,” says Minnie Bhatt, Design Director Minnie Bhatt Designs.

Giving your own personal touch to each of these elements can go a long way in making your house look unique and reflect your personality. “Pull out your embroidered stockings, delicately wrap gift boxes and take out those quirky containers and cutlery to create your own style. Throw in ceramics, stuffed dolls and soft furniture to complete the look,” says Abraham Santosh, Head Designer, Elegancia.

While traditionally pine green and heart red are the colours of the season, it does not hurt to experiment. “Bring in metallic accents. From hand-painted textiles to metallic overlays woven into the fabrics, there are many options to bring in that wintery-glitz. Consider gold as well, instead of only an icy silver,” says Abhay Jaipuria, Partner, Vaya Home.

Reusing Diwali lights and accessories can be a great idea instead of buying new ones. Make use of knits, jute and twine at home to wrap cups and tumblers to give them a different look. Get creative with table décor and table linen to make your home inviting for friends and family. “White painted logs, with silver accents and silver candelabras will guarantee great conversation and style at a meal. Setting a table, whether for dinner or for show, gives you the chance to be creative and festive,” says Radeesh Shetty, Founder of The Purple Turtles.

Give a traditional touch by upcycling Diwali diyas instead of going for the traditional candles. You can paint them in silver and gold; midnight blue is a great option too. “Go for wooden hand painted Christmas tree decorations with an Indian theme like elephants and ghungroos made into tree ornaments.  Use Channapatna toys redesigned with a Christmas theme to add an Indian element to Christmas décor,” adds Shetty. 

Be generous when it comes to plants; add poinsettias, long stalked eucalyptus leaves and marigolds to create a lively and cheerful ambience. Essential oils and candles can help create a feeling of warmth and exude welcoming vibes. “Go traditional and use fragrances like Indian chai latte and marzipan scented candles that are filled with sugar, honey and almond notes. Sandalwood scented agarbattis can do wonders too,” adds Abraham.

When it comes to buying a tree, try and avoid artificial or plastic ones. The charm of a real tree is always unbeatable. If you are creating a nativity scene, use natural materials like hay, jute, bamboo and even dried branches to accentuate the setting. Go in for cotton or jute finished fabrics for your upholstery and table decor. Highlight corners by adding dried flower arrangements. Accentuate them using pine cones and handmade candles.

When it comes to Christmas décor, avoid clutter and crowd. Strive to make the space look elegant and chic rather than cramped. Play with few elements rather than having all the decorative trinkets. Choose particular nooks and corners, say a balcony, to do makeover, rather than doing it all over the house. When it comes to decorations, make sure you use those that can be easily removed without damaging any surface in the house.

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