AI-Powered Autonomous Cloud Platform: ESDS to Hire 300 AI/ML Engineers

Will strengthen ESDS' existing workforce of 1100 employees, with new hires at offices in Nashik, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mohali.
AI-Powered Autonomous Cloud Platform: ESDS to Hire 300 AI/ML Engineers

Pune: Data center and cloud services company ESDS Software Solution Limited rolled out an ambitious plan to develop, an AI-powered autonomous cloud platform.

This platform will enable enterprises to seamlessly manage, deploy, and transform cloud infrastructure across multiple cloud environments by minimizing the need for manual intervention.

The autonomous platform will leverage AI and machine learning to provide enterprises with unified management of their IT environments. To take this ambitious platform onto the market ESDS is set to hire 300 AI and machine learning (ML) engineers over the next six months.

The expansion will further strengthen the ESDS' existing workforce of over 1,100 employees, with new hires distributed across offices in Nashik, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Mohali.

ESDS' primary business focus will be on India and the company is taking significant strides to solidify its presence in the Middle East and The United Kingdom.

Piyush Somani, Founder and CEO of ESDS, shared his inspiring vision for the platform: "Today's cloud infrastructure often requires manual intervention for deployment and management. An autonomous cloud platform powered by AI could revolutionize this process.

Users could simply select an architecture, deploy it, and then let the system handle everything else. This platform will enable automatic data growth, vertical and horizontal autoscaling, operating system management, and application management."

"App modernization is accelerating rapidly as people replace and upgrade first-generation applications to meet today’s technological advancements and needs.

This surge in modernization has also sparked increased interest in low-code/no-code (LCNC) platforms. When combined with AI, LCNC is poised to be a disruptive technology," Somani stated.

ESDS has a wide-ranging client base, which includes Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), SIDBI Bank, Union Bank of India, State Bank of India Capital, and over 400 cooperative banks.

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