Airtel to shut down its 3G network in Maha and Goa

Airtel to shut down its 3G network in Maha and Goa

PUNE: In line with its plan to phase out 3G technology, Airtel has announced the shutdown of 3G network in Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai) and Goa. 

The Airtel mobile broadband services will now be available on high-speed 4G network.

Airtel will continue to provide 2G services in Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai) and Goa to serve the connectivity needs of the customers using feature phones.

In Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai) and Goa, Airtel has re-farmed 2,100 Mhz band that was being used for 3G to further strengthen its 4G network. The company has also deployed state-of-the-art L2,100 technology to complement its existing 4G services. 

As per a statement released by the company in this regard, re-farming of 3G spectrum for 4G to further boost the network capacity and for wider availability of Airtel 4G will significantly improve the network coverage inside homes, offices, malls and outdoors, especially during intracity/intercity transit for 4G smartphone customers.

Airtel Maharashtra and Goa CEO Rohit Marwha said, “Deployment of 4G and re-farming of the 3G spectrum was in line with our national strategy of focusing on serving quality customers with the best-in-class service experience. Also, it complements the current smartphone ecosystem, which has now gravitated overwhelmingly towards 4G only devices.”

The statement also said that all the customers on 3G have been duly notified and requested to upgrade their handsets/SIMs. The 3G customers who are yet to upgrade their handsets/SIMs will continue to get access to high-quality voice services.

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