5 Best Automobiles Companies Emerging in Pune-The Automobile Hub of India
5 Best Automobiles Companies Emerging in Pune-The Automobile Hub of India Image Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

5 Best Automobile Companies Emerging in Pune-The Automobile Hub of India

Pune is known for it's automobiles industry that is in an upward slope of success. Read the article to find out which are the best companies that are proving to be real stalwarts in the competitive arena of automobiles.

Pune has brought forth an evolution in the automobiles industry with it's rapid development of connected cars, alternative fuel and many such innovations. Apart from that, many experts also claim that this city is the dream destination for manufacturing automobiles.

Adding another achievement to the list, Pune is also considered a hub for the Original Equipment Manufacturer and for startups in the automobile sector. So, let's take a look at the best emerging auto-companies in Pune.

NavShrey AutoInnovations Pvt Ltd

NavShrey Auto Innovations
NavShrey Auto Innovations navshrey-autoinnovations.com

Revolutionizing cars, NavShrey is emerging as an avid innovator in automobiles. To ensure better navigation, safety and efficiency, they have come up with a system that will monitor the health of your vehicles. This will be done by incorporating Artificial Intelligence to the car's build that will help to identify any potential risk. They are also committed towards sustainability and optimum customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to be a global leader in automotive technology, transforming the way vehicles are managed and identified. We envision a future where our innovative solutions significantly enhance vehicle performance, safety, and sustainability, setting new standards in the automotive industry.

NavShrey AutoInnovations

Kalbhorz Electric Pvt Ltd 

Axial Flux Electric Motors
Axial Flux Electric Motors kalbhorz.com

Kalbhorz is a truly ambitious company that is seeking to conquer not only roads, but also sea and air. They specialize in all kinds of automobiles- starting from cars to yachts, motorboats, drones and even aircrafts. They have also developed a special design of Axial Flux Electric Motors which are lighter and yet more efficient and effective than the other existing motor technologies.

The CEO of Kalbhorz, Nishant Kalbhor, specializes in designing racing electric vehicles.

Tight The Nut 

Tight The Nut Garage Management
Tight The Nut Garage Managementtightthenut.com

Technically, Tight The Nut is not an automobiles manufacturing company. Rather it is a automobiles garage management software that has made planning, organizing and running of garages so much smoother than before. They also provide data driven solutions to their customers regarding inventory, stocks and it's management. So if you are looking to start or expand your own automobiles company, this is the right place to explore more .

Earlier there were so many problems in organizing garage records and work. Everything was manual and time consuming. TTN Garage has completely changed our working style making it easy to manage along with scaling the business to a higher level. I must say that my business has grown by about 40% after started using TTN Garage. 

Rantakar Dalal, a TTN customer.

Eranext Auto Private Limited 

EraNext call themselves the future of road safety and efficiency. This claim is rightly so, since they are developing a Cellular Vehicle to Everything Solution. This solution helps the automobiles to communicate with each other over network for better security and reliability. They are already envisioning a future of road ecosystem that is both safe and sustainable.

PVG Technology 

PVG Technology
PVG Technology pvgtechnology.com

PVG is an automobiles company that offers services related to designing and developing various vehicles, aircrafts and even industry equipment. They also help their customers with proper automotive solutions and also their implementation. They specialize in design trainings as well.

Pune- The Automobiles Hub
Pune- The Automobiles Hub The Hindu

Pune is a city of fast paced lives and fast cars. And this place provides it all with not only as an automobiles hub, but also with emerging as a pioneer of auto innovations.


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5 Best Automobiles Companies Emerging in Pune-The Automobile Hub of India
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