Puneites prefer learning trading and investment online during COVID-19 lockdown

Over 1.5 lakh Punekars registered for online trading courses in the one year of the COVID-19 pandemic
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Pune: Over 1.5 lakh Punekars registered for online financial courses in the one year of the pandemic from 2020-21. This is 2x higher than the subscribers from Mumbai. Data also reveals that 8 per cent of these subscribers are women aged between 25-34 years of age. Subscription-based, online financial education leader, LearnApp.com, has seen a huge surge in first-time investors who have subscribed to learn about trading and investing.

While the world was crippled with financial insecurities, first-time investors from Pune saw this as an opportunity to learn something new and grow alongside. The company also stated that Pune is the number-one market nationally, for them.

Prateek Singh, Founder, LearnApp.com said, “When the lockdown was announced, people had more time since they were working from home, and at the same time, there was a lot of activity in the stock market as well. This is where we saw two changes in customer behaviour - first, online became an acceptable mode of learning; second, online webinars became an extended form of learning. We were already leaders in the financial space and with the help of these two things, we were able to reach more people.”

He further added, “Our yearly subscription model also helped increase the completion rate and acquire new subscribers during the lockdown. Users had more time to explore the platform and they began to love the content we were creating, giving us a great completion rate. Many new users who were looking forward to learning about markets reached out to LearnApp and took their first online course with us.”

LearnApp currently has over 2 lakh subscribers registered with them, from about 70,000 last year. Global data trends show us that in the post pandemic world, younger or millennial investors in India have started opening demat accounts to start trading.

Interestingly not only has there been a surge in the first-time users, Global data trends have also shown that in the post-pandemic world, younger or millennial investors in India have started opening demat accounts to start trading, in sync with the global trend.

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