Gaming industry sees a significant spike in job postings during lockdown

A recent report fastened the gaming industry in India at $2.8 billion by 2022
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In January this year, both job gaming sector, job postings and searches were up 13 per cent and 15 per cent respectively, from the same period last year, painting a promising picture for a nascent yet rapidly growing industry in India, according to a report by

A recent report fastened the gaming industry in India at $2.8 billion by 2022. Concurrent with this prediction, Indeed data also signals potential for growth in the gaming sector, where job postings were seen to consistently outnumber job searches, almost tripling in July 2020. As of Jan 2021, the number of job postings were still twice the number of job searches on Indeed, indicating a significant gap yet opportunity for India’s vast talent pool.

Image source: Indeed

“Our data forecasts the growth of India’s gaming industry which will have a substantial impact on the jobs of tomorrow. With a ripple effect across sectors such as technology, telecommunications, marketing or events, the gaming industry has the potential to generate massive employment in India.” Said Sashi Kumar, Managing Director,

“Thanks to the gaming industry as a whole getting a fillip in 2020, we needed to scale up rapidly at MPL. We built capacity and increased our team strength across verticals such as QA, Product, Marketing, etc. In 2020, our headcount grew by 110 per cent as we hired personnel across our offices in Bengaluru, Pune, Jakarta and Singapore,” he added.

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