M&M bus and truck div gears up for BSVI compliant range

M&M bus and truck div gears up for BSVI compliant range

Pune: Downturn in the auto industry notwithstanding and with the impending date for mandatory sale of BSVI vehicles fast approaching, Mahindra Group’s truck and bus division has geared itself with a new variant of its Blazo series of trucks in the 16-wheeler category after its ranking rose to No 4 in the intermediate commercial vehicle (ICV) segment.

“We are on track to being BSVI compliant with a wider range of trucks and buses with simplified new technology,” said Rajan Wadhera, President, Automotive Sector, M&M.

What sets M&M apart from other dominant players in the segment, Wadhera said was Mahindra’s guarantee of delivering the most fuel-efficient trucks.

“Moreover, we are doing the least amout of hardware changes to the vehicle, as we are making the transition from BSIV to BSVI,” chipped in Vinod Sahay, CEO, Mahindra Truck and Bus Division.

“We are ensuring that there will be 80 per cent of parts commonality. This will help the entire ecosystem to be confident otherwise all the inventory and spares that have already been manufactured would become redundant,” explained Sahay.

Speaking about the challenges being faced with some kind of gloom in the market, Wadhera said since M&M rose to be the fourth player in the ICV segment, it is targeting to soon become a full-range player within six months of its entry in the segment.

“The new Blazo X 49 Rigid MAV truck in 16-wheeler category ensures that customers save more and earn higher due to an increase in mileage and payload,” said Vinod Sahay.

In the recently launched ICV segment, the Furio trucks have emerged as the 4th player in the 12 and 14-tonne segments, the company said adding it has recently launched three more variants to its portfolio and will launch 18 more variants in the ICV segment in 5 to 18-tonne range.

“All of these would be BSVI compliant,” Sahay said. Moreover, Sahay said Mahindra would soon commercially launch Cruzio range of long platform overhang (LPO) buses in the employee and school segments.

Key features of M&M buses and trucks

  • Blazo X will be available to the customers with minimum changes, thereby offering a hassle-free switch to BS VI.
  • To set up Express North-South Service Corridor on the 3,800 km long stretch, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. This comprises 41 service touchpoints, one every 100 km, with a guaranteed service reach of 4 hours or Rs 500 compensation for every hour of delay. This is the second such corridor after the Mumbai-Delhi service corridor which caters to nearly 30 per cent of truck movement.
  • The MTB range is supported by service and spares network comprising over 100 3S dealerships, 210 authorised service centres, a wide spares network of retail outlets and 39 strategically located Parts Plazas.

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