Companies Working Towards Making A Real Difference in Pune

True development does not cut down on any living being's due, here is how these sustainable startups and businesses are changing the narrative associated with development.
Companies Working Towards Making A Real Difference in Pune
Companies Working Towards Making A Real Difference in Pune Image Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

In 2021, Pune district saw an increase in the forest cover by approximately 6 square kilometers as compared to the year 2019. These were the official statistics released in the biennial Indian State of Forest Report (ISFR). Much of the credit for the rise in greens was credited to the citizen activists and environmentalists who made it a point to stay on top of the situation and not let any tree succumb to the axe in vain. 

To meet the eco-friendly standards of its consumers, the business scene in the Oxford of the East has witnessed the emergence of numerous businesses whose foundation is built on the principles of environmental conservation. These creative endeavours, which prioritise environmentally friendly methods that balance the demands of an expanding urban population with minimal negative effects on the environment, are redefining what it means to conduct business ethically.

Pune-based companies are setting the bar high in the fight for a more environmentally friendly future with their innovative approaches to waste management, organic products, and renewable energy solutions. Come along as we investigate several of the most innovative environmentally conscious companies and startups causing a stir in Pune as well as nationwide.

  1. Re-Charkha:  The initiative reCharkha EcoSocial was inspired by the desire to improve society, culture, tradition, and the invaluable natural surroundings.

reCharkha EcoSocial is a social enterprise that was established with the idea that bottom-up development is the only path toward sustainability. Bottom up development essentially means growth which begins at the grassroots of the ecology and society. This indicates that grassroots efforts and a compassionate awareness of other biotic and abiotic groups are necessary for sustainable development to be achievable. This exact concept is the goal of their three main areas of focus These are the following:

  • Preservation of environment and cultural heritage, 

  • facilitating rural livelihoods, 

  • encouraging environmentally conscious consumers

The initiative primarily focuses on upcycling non-biodegradable plastic bags into useful products  

Upcycled clutch bag from re-charkha
Upcycled clutch bag from re-charkha

2. Earthing: An adorable store located in Kothrud, the founders of Earthing began their no waste journey some 15 years back when daunting terms such as global warming, climate change were newly coming up. Today, the store offers a wide variety of plastic alternative products made from bamboo, terracotta, jute, cotton and so on. From personal home decor to dining to baby diapers, they have it all!

Bamboo plamter
Bamboo plamter

3. ProEarth Ecosystems Private Limited: Excelling at the craft of curating efficient waste management systems for companies, developers, educational institutions, Gram Panchayats, military establishments, municipalities, and residential societies. With a mission to create a zero waste society and a substantial social impact, ProEarth also offers unskilled youth training and employment opportunities. 

Representational image
Representational image

4. JalSevak Solutions: The water generated from activities such as showering, washing hands, washing utensils and so on is known as grey water. This grey water is only mildly polluted and can be recycled, here is where JalSevak Solutions works their magic. 

representational image
representational image
Did You Know?
As Much As 70% of everyday use water is comprised by grey water

In an era where start-ups and businesses are growing conscious of their impact on the world, eco- friendly establishments are shaping the society towards a more sustainable future. 

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Companies Working Towards Making A Real Difference in Pune
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