Coronavirus Maharashtra: Recovered patients share experience

Coronavirus Maharashtra: Recovered patients share experience

Pune: About 21 per cent COVID-19 patients have recovered and discharged in Maharashtra, says a report published on Tuesday by the State government. 

Sharing her experience at the hospital for 14 days, a 48-year-old woman who was discharged on May 1 said that the hospital stay was a very different experience.

"The staff and doctors were very supportive. In the start, I was very scared. Later on, the nurses helped me calm down. I had no co-morbidities, so the treatment was as usual. I focused on positive thoughts. I spoke to family and friends daily. They are my support system," said the woman.

Another discharged patient said that he was worried about his family.

"It was a very difficult experience because there is no treatment. But doctors and staff at the hospital were very supportive. They helped me cope a lot. I was anxious about my family. Even now, I mostly stay in a different room alone. I do not go outside the house at all. While I have recovered, I still take all precautions to ensure my family's safety," said the 55-year-old man who was discharged on May 2.

As per the report by the State government, two per cent of all COVID-19 patients in Maharashtra are critical.

Another 45-year-old man said that his wife first tested positive, followed by his children and him. 

"My wife was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). My children and I were shifted to the government hospital, and so we all were together. Though for some time, my wife was on a ventilator, she later recovered and tested negative. We all are now discharged. It was a difficult time, but we have sailed through it. We stay inside the home. But if we have to go out, we follow social distancing and wear masks. Taking precautions is a must," he said. 

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