Coronavirus Pune: Robot to perform preliminary inspection of COVID-19 patients

Coronavirus Pune: Robot to perform preliminary inspection of COVID-19 patients


Pune: After the introduction of a ‘RoboWarrior’ at Sardar VallabhBhai Patel Cantonment General Hospital (SVP) of Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) isolation ward to serve food and medicines to the coronavirus patients, now again a new robot has been developed to inspect the COVID-19 patients and to know more about the health-related questions.

Robot for diagnosis of corona patients
The new robot has been developed by the students of Dr Ambedkar Industrial Training Institute (ITI) at Solapur Bazar road. The robot will walk and talk. This will help in the initial diagnosis of coronavirus patients.

Low-cost robot to combat COVID-19
“The ITI has developed a state-of-the-art robot, which not only walks but also helps the doctors to do a preliminary inspection of the coronavirus patients. This robot has been built at a very low cost,” said PCB Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Amit Kumar.

Role of the robot
As per information, while walking the robot will do a screening of patients and also ask the health-related questions like about the history of visit, symptoms of cough and cold etc. After answering all questions, the doctors of the hospital will decide whether to admit the concerned patients in the corona ward or keep them in the isolation ward. The robot will make work easier for doctors and nurses. 

In the first phase, the robot will be installed in the casualty ward of the hospital. A computerised system has been installed inside the robot for walk and talk, and also a thermometer has been installed to measure the body temperature of the patients.

The principal of Dr Ambedkar ITI, Dr Viajy Chavan, said, “The ITI department of PCB has developed an automated robot to assist the coronavirus patients. The robot is currently working in the corona ward of the SVP Cantt General Hospital. The questions asked by the robot have been prepared by Resident Medical Officer of SVP Cantt General Hospital Dr Vidyadhar Gaikwad.”

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