Hemp-based products that you must try

Now that we know hemp is nothing like its infamous cousins, The Bridge Chronicle reviews some hemp-based products for you to try.
Hemp-based products that you must try
Hemp-based products that you must tryImage source: The Bridge Chronicle

Further to our explainer on hemp and why it is probably the next big thing in India, we tried a few hemp products to see if it's worth the praise. And hemp has done a pretty impressive job!

The one thing we noticed across products is the ability of hemp to nourish. Be it a cream, oil or serum - hemp is deeply moisturising and leaves skin and hair hydrated.

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Here is a review of some hemp products we picked out for you:

Hemp - Hard-Working Hand Protector (Cream and Scrub)

By The Body Shop

Packed in an aluminium tube, with a screw-on top, The Body Shop's Hemp-based hand cream and scrub look very impressive and trendy. The silver and green packaging gives it a very earthy and eco-friendly look, which I (personally) liked a lot. The tube is soft but sturdy enough to keep the product intact and does not easily squeeze out.

The first thing you notice upon opening the product is the herbaceous scent (which might need a little getting used to). The trail is distinct and could be very strong for some. But apart from the smell, the product is a winner.

Dermatologically tested for dry skin the hard-working hand protector delivers on the promises and has long-lasting effects. Considering the dry winters that are upon us, both - the hand cream and scrub, are HG for the season. Additionally, owing to the frequent sanitation and handwashing, our hands have been suffering from dryness. And we suggest you make this a regular.

Rating - 8/10

Effective for - Dry patchy hands

Post-use - Leaves hands feeling hydrated and soft.

Application - Soak hands in warm water for 5-10 mins. Generously apply the scrub and scrub fingers and in-betweens. Rinse with cold water. Follow it up with the hand cream.

Hair-root oil


Few oils show effects as quickly as seen with Hempstrols hair-root oil. A glass dropper bottle, packaged in a cute reusable jute bag, is both impressive and eco-friendly. But be careful as the oil leaked out when we received the package!

Part of the aromatherapy series, the oil is a deep thick aromatic oil that spreads effortlessly from the roots to the tips. Just a few drops around the scalp along with light massaging is enough to get the oil all over your hair. Additionally, an extremely credible aspect of the oil is the benefits are visible from the first use itself.

Hempstrol's hair-root oil is effective is deep moisturising, and making hair manageable. Additionally, there is a visible reduction in hair fall.

Rating - 9/10

Effective for - Dry, damaged and unmanageable hair

Post-use - Leaves hair moisturised, nourished. Showed effectiveness in reducing hair fall.

Application - Fill the dropper and apply drops all over the scalp directly. Massage lightly and leave it on for half an hour. Rinse with a mild shampoo.

Multiple products

The Bombay Hemp Company

Skin Health oil

Take note - Skin Health oil is the new holy grain when it comes to skin-related issues. Packaged in a glass dropper bottle, we tried the oil as a post-insect bite cure, and it worked wonders. My roommate was suffering from an insect bite that left the skin dry and flaky. But the hemp-based oil proved to be a blessing to cure the area.

The thick dark oil instantly absorbs into the skin and shows results from the first use itself. With a long-lasting effect, the oil is effective in deeply moisturising the skin and repairing it from within.

Rating - 9/10

Effective for - Dry, flaky and damaged skin

Post-use - Leaves skin nourished and visibly healthy.

Application - Fill the dropper and apply 1-2 drops over the affected area. Massage lightly and leave it on. The oil also helps in reducing the marks.

Arthritis pain - Though I could not find anyone with arthritis to test the oil on, I tried the oil to cure muscle pain, and the oil had to relieve effect. I have been struggling with neck pain, and the oil worked as a good base for massages.

Rating - N/A

Effective for - Arthritis pains and muscle pain

Post-use - Soothes and relaxes muscles

Application - Fill the dropper and apply 1-2 drops over the affected area. Massage lightly and leave it on.

*The brand also offers a pain management oil, which I believe will be more effective in relieving pain.

Hemp Hearts

One of my most favourite offerings of the brand is the hemp heart. (Read muesli like granular nutty hemp seeds mixture) Especially in the COVID times when each one of us is paying extra attention to health and nutrition, hemp hearts can be a great addition to your meal. The nutty flavour goes well with most meals and can be added to cereal, salads, omelettes or even vegetables and sauces.

I added the hearts to a tangy and spicy red sauce and it added a nice hint of nutty to the preparation. Though the packet suggests 'best consumed raw' I would prefer it with my food.

Rating - 8/10

Flavour - Nutty

Type - Nutritional supplement

Usage - Can be consumed directly or can be added to recipes both sweet and savoury.

Hemp seed oil

Cooking oils hold a special place in my heart as they form the basis of any dish being cooked. Then be it olive oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil - the base always makes and breaks the dish. The best part about hemp seed oil is that it can be used for both - application or nutrition. To begin with, I added the hemp seed oil to my carbonara and was impressed with the subtle yet striking flavour. The oil adds a nutty hint to the preparation and also enhanced the cheese and meat flavours.

I also used the oil and a bedtime remedy for dry skin and though did not see distinct results at first, over the time experienced less dryness on my hands and legs.

Rating - 8/10

Texture - Neutral, not very thick or light

Type - External and internal consumption

Usage - Can be used for consumption or externally for application on the skin.

Himalayan Hemp Powder

Essentially a protein powder, the Himalayan Hemp powder promises to boost muscle repair, immunity and improve antioxidants levels. Delivered without a striking taste or scent, the powder can be added to almost anything ranging from milk, smoothies, juices to even ice cream. All you need is some creativity.

We tried adding the protein powder to a bowl of cereal and now it is a power ingredient every morning.

But be sure you like the herby taste in your drinks.

Rating - 7/10

Flavour - Mostly bland (think matcha)

Type - Protein powder

Usage - Can be consumed directly or can be added to recipes both sweet and savoury.

Overall experience

As mentioned earlier, hemp is considered to be a miracle plant for its numerous benefits. It is completely organic and environment friendly and this adds brownie points to the products. I have been using these products for more than two weeks and though results were not immediate, over the time I experienced benefits. For the review, I stopped using other regular products and hence the results have been pretty accurate. The most impressive part is now one plant can be used for so many different purposes and for everyone still contemplating, I would definitely suggest shifting to hemp.

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