Scream on: This Dutch inventor has designed a 'scream test' for COVID-19!

You've heard about swab tests, rapid tests — and also anal swab tests! However, this inventor claims that a 'scream test' can the detect COVID-19 virus in your body.
Scream on: This Dutch inventor has designed a 'scream test' for COVID-19!

Amid all the unpleasantness and discomfort that goes hand-in-hand with COVID-19 tests, this Dutch inventor hopes to have created a brand new test that can determine results with a 'scream test'. Peter Van Wees has designed an air-locked cabin where visitors can step in and scream to emit particles.

What does the 'scream booth' do?

The air-locked cabin is an industrial air purifier which then collects these emissions for further study. In an interview with Thompson Reuters, Peter was quoted saying, "If you have coronavirus and are infectious and 'yelling and screaming' you are spreading tens of thousands of particles which contain coronavirus."

The booth garnered attention after it was spotted next to a COVID-19 testing centre near Amsterdam. Peter placed his invention strategically next to this to experiment on people who have just been tested.

How does it actually work?

Peter also mentions in his interview how the entire process takes about three minutes. On screaming into the booth, the coronavirus infection is measured at a nanometre-scale sizing device.

In a video that went viral, participants are shown screaming into a sound-proof booth. The inventor expresses hope to be able to use this method in places such as concerts, airports, schools and offices. While the method hasn't proven its accuracy just yet, the idea of screaming into an empty booth (where no one can hear you!) is just about therapeutic by itself!

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