The Top pharma companies in Pune
The Top pharma companies in PuneImage Credit: Indore Institute

Top 5 Booming Pharma Companies in Pune to Work For

Looking for good pharma companies with a prime focus on research, are technology-oriented and offer a wide range of products with their speciality segments? Here's your guide to choosing the right companies to make a positive impact.

Since the global coronavirus pandemic, Pune has recently been a rising hub for the pharmaceutical industry. The city which houses one of India’s biggest vaccine manufacturers, Serum Institute of India, has also made remarkable contributions to the field of medicine.

The pharma companies in the city are ideal examples of structured, research-oriented and innovation-inclined organisations that cater to the welfare of people. Here are the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in Pune that are making buzz in the pharma sector -

1. Eisen Pharmaceuticals

Eisen Pharmaceuticals
Eisen PharmaceuticalsImage Credit: justDial

 Established in 1957, this Pune-based manufacturing company specializes in making brand products for critical care, vitamins and mineral supplements, and management of chronic and metabolic illnesses. It also has a massive distribution network of over 300. They have speciality segments in Physicians, Intensive Care, Gynecologist, Pediatrics, and Dentists. This legacy pharma has a bucket of job offers, that you wouldn't want to miss out on.

2. Therapeia Pharmaceuticals

Therapeia Pharmaceuticals
Therapeia PharmaceuticalsImage Credit: LinkedIn

This pharma giant has been manufacturing top-quality products ever since their incorporation in 2012, with the help of modern technology and machinery. Their products widely range in Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Suspension, Liquid Orals, injectables and injections. The distribution channel is Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. They are soon looking for expansion ventures. For fresh medicine practitioners, this company would look a shiner in their CVs, with their opportunities

3. Emcure Pharmaceuticals

Emcure Pharmaceuticals
Emcure PharmaceuticalsImage Credit: Emcure Pharmaceuticals

This enterprise wouldn’t miss out on your minds. Namita Thapar, the celebrity investor from Shark Tank is the executive director of the 13th largest pharmaceutical company in India. This company is not only famous in India, but also has a robust supply chain in almost 700 countries,  across the globe. The company has a strong research base and great scope for innovation. Just recently, they launched their 750 mg injectable to treat iron deficiency. They are all set to launch an IPO within a few months. Interetsed candidates can look for their current openings here.

4. Iatros Pharmaceuticals

Iators Pharmaceuticals
Iators PharmaceuticalsImage Credit: Iatros

This pharma company specialises in respiratory tablets, antibiotics and liquid orals. Since their incorporation in 1989, they have a strong presence in the Allergy Management and Pain Management segments. Among their major therapeutic segments, they also specialize in Nutritional, NSAIDs, Anti-infective, Vitamins and Ayurvedic. Amazing opportunities await for you here!

The Top pharma companies in Pune
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5. Energize Pharmaceuticals

Energize Pharmaceuticals
Energize Pharmaceuticals Image Credit: LinkedIn

This company was founded by Dattatreya Dake, in 2014.  They ensure the quality of the products, and also such products are approved by WHO standards. The products are of superior quality, affordable in price, and have a superior innovation base with manufacturing support and marketing as well. You can safely add this company to your list to your application list.

The pharmaceutical industry is growing and expanding, and so will the list of promising pharmaceutical companies. Pharma as a sector in Pune is flourishing and promises a bright future especially considering the post-covid research and development in India.

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