Accommodate, but exercise during these times of COVID-19
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Accommodate, but exercise during these times of COVID-19

By Ambika Shaligram


The early morning weather, the all quiet and peaceful surroundings, all this is perfect for fitness freaks, who would love nothing to sprint down the streets or jogging tracks or set out for a long-distance cycle ride.

But here’s the catch, all the cities and towns are in lockdown mode to combat COVID-19, and those into fitness have to look at homebound options to keep their adrenaline levels high.

Makarand Govekar, a project manager at Decathalon Sports store in Bengaluru, took up cycling around five years ago and, after moving to Bengaluru, he also started running to keep fit.

However, he has had to tweak his fitness plans with the health situation changing rapidly in the country. “In early March, the situation wasn’t so bad. So I would cycle to shops to buy milk and groceries. I would try to ensure that I got a maximum workout out of that short distance loop. For instance, if my house (Point A) were about one and half km from the shop (Point B), I would do as many loops as possible, say within 30 minutes or one hour. But now with police presence, I have discontinued it. I am concentrating more on warm-up and stretching out. Earlier, I would do just about 10 minutes of warm-up and then would set off to either cycle or run,” says Govekar.

Now that he is working from home, he spends about one hour to one and half hour on warming up and stretching exercises. “I do the sets in the morning and evening. Sometimes I also do them in between work, if I am too tired of sitting in one position. I also have a skipping rope, so I alternate between sets of 100 and 50. I skip for 100 times, and then I take a break for a minute or two and do a set of 50; I repeat again,” he says.

If you have a cycle trainer at home, then you can work out on it too. “I never felt the need to buy a trainer in Bengaluru because there are green stretches around my neighbourhood. It would make sense to cycle outdoor,” adds Govekar.

Also, the 40-year-old is doing planks, to keep himself supple. “It’s a great way to exercise your core muscles,” he says.

The internet is full of challenges, including those for fitness people. So has he also participated in any such challenge? “Well, yes, there is this 30 push-up challenge. I might participate in it,” he concludes. 

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