#FathersDayWithSakal contest: Chance to feature your superhero dad!

#FathersDayWithSakal contest: Chance to feature your superhero dad!

Our parents, both of them are important because they contribute equally, but maybe differently throughout our upbringing. It’s fair that the child gives back some of that love and respect for all the effort they have put into bringing us up.

And how could you do this better than on a specified day, a day just around the corner, the day for our beloved fathers. Every third Sunday of June, the Father’s Day is celebrated, and it’s on the 21st this year. It is held to respect paternity and parental relationships and to increase knowledge of their social impact.

On this day, people generally do something special to let their father know how much they love them. Usually, we do not express our true feelings towards our fathers as much we do to our mothers, but this special day allows us to express our true feelings.

We know this dreadful virus must have put a lot of restrictions in your ideation process, that’s why we are here with the #FathersDaywithSakal contest.

Fathers are superheroes. Here’s your chance to feature your superhero on our platform!

Follow the steps for participating in the contest:

  • Write about a heart-warming incident involving your father that you will remember forever
  • Send us a photograph of you together
  • Send us entries by tagging @sakaltimes and use the hashtag #FathersDayWithSakal
  • Last date to send entries: June 20

To be eligible for the contest, you must follow us on Insta and Facebook.

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